Motorola is all set to launch its first-ever smartphone with pop up selfie camera. As per the reports we expect that the upcoming phone could be in the flagship phones line up for all the Android One fans. Just a few weeks ahead of this news, this all-new smartphone from Motorola was leaked all across the internet. Not only this but also the leaked news have surfaced some exciting features as well as specifications about this phone. Having said that, all the features of the phone were updated along with the images but the name of the phone was not being disclosed here which gave users a hype. Some of the tech experts have assumed that the rumoured phone which appeared in the leaked report can be alternative to Moto One Zoom which did not launch yet so far. The brand here have experimented quite a lot with this phone and have adopted an attractive design along with a punch-hole camera on the One Vision. The leaked reports which were uploaded a few weeks ago have been announced by a Spanish blog. And we will also be going through the details about this phone as well as its exciting features. But before that, we have earlier seen a couple of leaks which showed that an unnamed Motorola handset along with a pop-up selfie camera and now this particular phone was also expected to be named as the Motorola One Hyper. We will be talking about it in details later on. But before that let us have a look at the features of this upcoming phone.

As per the reports, the phone which was leaked a few days ago was featured with a 64 MP rear camera which is situated in the back panel. Apart from that it also consists of an all-new pop-up selfie camera. Having said that there is no such news related to the price of the phone as well as the expected date of release of this upcoming smartphone from Motorola yet so far. This phone by Motorola is featured with the pop-up selfie camera.

Apart from this, there will be a bezel-less display which will be giving the users a premium feel. Motorola’s upcoming phone is featured with 6.3 inches of a Full HD+ display which will also be using an IPS LCD panel. Coming to the backside of the phone, this phone from Motorola is featured with a fingerprint sensor which is spread by a glowing LED ring which is specifically meant for getting all the important notifications for the everyday usage. Coming to the expected performance of the phone, the Motorola One Hyper will be featured with a  Snapdragon 675 chipset and for storage, it is featured with 4 GB of RAM as well as 128 GB of internal storage which is good for normal usage. As per the performance of the phone is concerned, the Motorola One Hyper will be using the stock version of Android 9 Pie along with the basic Motorola additions and here we are a bit disappointed.

As per the quality of the selfie camera is concerned, it is featured with a 32 MP front pop up camera which will provide an amazing output and we are sure enough about that. On the other hand, on the backside, it will be housing 64 MP as well as an 18 MP of main as well as a rear camera. Coming to the battery life of the phone, the phone will be featuring a 3,600mAh battery which is not that great if we compare it with other phones in the market that are available now. Apart from this, the phone is also capable enough to capture as well as record slow-motion videos at 120fps in 1080 of pixel resolution as well as 240fps in 720 of pixel resolution.

As per the rumoured reports, the camera of the Motorola One Hyper will be featuring with a dedicated Night Vision more which will be offering amazing output in the low light environment. Apart from that the leaked images also revealed that the phone will be coming with a 3.5mm audion earphone jack as well as a USB Type C port for charging as well as data transferring. Having said that the company has not claimed about the fast charging of the phone. Coming to the video quality, the Motorola Hyper One is featured with a camera which is tipped for recording 4K videos at 30fps along with full HD videos at 60fps

As we have already mentioned above that there is no such announcement about the date of launch and today the brand is going to launch its all-new Moto G8 Plus today at 8 PM in Brazil. As per the reports, this phone will be featured with a 48 MP of the rear camera at the back panel as well as a Snapdragon 655 chipset. Motorola G8 Plus is going to be in the range of premium phones. Apart from that, the brand is also planning to launch Mto Razr which is the folding phone and they are going to launch in the month of November. Some tech experts are saying that this folding phone from Motorola will be looking similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Now again coming to the leaked reports, it was earlier said that Motorola One Hyper will be featuring Android 10 but here this leaked report has proved it wrong. However, we are not sure enough until the phone is launched in the market. But as of now, it will remain as a mystery but the brand will not likely keep this for so long as soon it is going to be released.

We are also not sure enough as to whether the Lenovo owned Motorola is either planning to launch this rumoured in the global market. However, in Europe, the Motorola One Vision is priced at 300. On the other hand, the Motorola One Vision is priced for 400. So there are also some chances that Moto One Hyper will be priced in between 300 to 400.