America based consumer electronics company named Misfit has again added a new smartwatch into its collection. The smartwatch has been named as the Misfit Vapor X. The recently launched Misfit smartwatch that has claimed to be one of the lightest smartwatches which are provided by the Fossil-owned company. The product is made out of aluminum-based alloy which has again given a matte finish. The smartwatch is featured with a redesigned strap which is called as Sport Strap+. The recently launched smartwatch Misfit Vapor X comes with a round AMOLED display and it will run with the help of Wear OS. On the other hand, the whole system is controlled by the Snapdragon 3100. The recently launched smartwatch by Misfit is also featured with various modes of battery specifically for different scenarios of usage so as to extend the longevity of the battery.

Misfit Vapor X

Misfit Vapor X Availability and Price

The smartwatch from Misfit which is named Misfit Vapor X has been released at a basic level pricing. The smartwatch is priced at $199.99. If you convert it into Indian currency, it will be priced at Rs 14,000. However, as per the reports, the smartwatch will soon revert into its original price of $279.99. Now if you convert it into Indian currency, it will cost you around Rs 20,000. If you want to purchase this smartwatch from Misfit then you can purchase it from the official Misfit website. Having said that there are no such expectations about its availability in the Indian markets.
The Misfit smartwatch is available in various colors such as Stainless, Black Rose Tone, Gunmetal, Champagne color options along with a matching strap to go with. Not only this but also the new Sport Strap+ for the Misfit Vapor X is available in a wide range of shades. You can see it from the official website of Misfit which is priced at $19.99 which is around Rs 1,400 in Indian currency. Now let us have a look at the specifications of the smartwatch.

The specifications of Misfit Vapor X

The brand new smartwatch Misfit Vapor X is featured with a 1.19-inch of AMOLED display which again has a pixel density of 328ppi. The particular smartwatch from Misfit will be running in Wear OS. The device is powered by the Snapdragon 3100 SoC which is paired with 512MB of RAM  as well as 4GB of internal storage. The smartwatch from Misfit will be providing NFC support which again allows its users in making online UPI payments through GooglePay with the help of this smartwatch.

The smartwatch from Misfit which is named as Misfit Vapor X features with a 300 mAh of battery. This easily implies that the battery of smartwatch is going to last up to 24 hours on just a single charge. If the users want to extend the battery life then they can easily do it by enabling the custom battery modes which will be suiting various scenarios of activities. Not only this but also the Misfit Vapor X is claimed to be waterproof up to 30ATM. Along with this, it is also featured with a heart rate sensor.

There are various other sensors included such as altimeter, accelerometer as well as a gyroscope. As per the connectivity point of view, the smartwatch has the option of Bluetooth connectivity which is again compatible with both iOS as well as Android smartphones. The device from the brand has also claimed to provide fast charging support as well as phone-free music playback.

 The primary focus of the Misfit Vapor X is in making the fitness-based smartwatch which is more comfortable. The weight of the body of the smartwatch is just 43g along with its 42mm size. Coming again to the ultra-comfortable strap, the sport strap is completely made of silicone. The main point to note here is that Misfit Vapor X is the only one smartwatch which comes with three buttons situated in the side among which two of these are customizable in terms of functioning.

Powered with Snapdragon 3100, Misfit comes with a battery saver mode which can last up to two days. There is also a magnetic charger which can push 80% of the battery in just 50 minutes.

 Similar to the other smartwatches from Fossil, you will be able to find Noonlight, Spotify as well as Cardiogram which are preinstalled on the recently launched smartwatch by Misfit. 

When asked about the Misfit Vapor X, Hacker Plotkin, the Vice President of Misfit said, Misfit has long stood for creating wearables that introduce fans to the latest technology the market has to offer while allowing them to express their personal style through our innovative designs. We know we have a unique opportunity with the launch of Misfit’s Vapor X to introduce our most innovative design and achieve our goals of empowering audiences. Alongside this watch, we are launching our Dare to be Different campaign. Being a Misfit means to be unique and unafraid in the best possible and we believe there is a Misfit inside all of us. We are so excited to be a part of their stories and share them with our audiences around the globe.”