The Windows maker shifted its focus on gadgets a few years back when the company decided to introduce their own personal computing devices as well as buy once number one mobile phone company Nokia. But, it’s hard to save a drowning company in the competitive smartphone world, and we don’t blame Microsoft for the failure of the Windows for Phone but rather appreciate Google’s incredible dedication towards Android. And when Microsoft understood the power of dedicated work, out came an amazing machine called a Surface laptop. We have seen the rise of Microsoft Surface series and how it became the perfect hybrid laptop you want today.

Revamped Surface Laptops

Apparently, Microsoft has no minds of stopping on new Surface-branded devices. The company is ready with new emerging technologies in Surface gadgets including the long-awaited Andromeda tablet, the new model of Surface laptop with AMD processor, a modular Surface Studio monitor, and last but everyone’s favorite- a couple of Xbox consoles. A popular author and tech journalist named Brad Sams revealed the news. He has released a book on the slew of new Surface devices titled Beneath a Surface. The book glances down the ways Microsoft is redesigning and redeveloping its hardware division from the beginning. Moreover, the author has highlighted several unreleased products that Redmond-giant might be working on secretly.

In the book, Sams has claimed that Microsoft is on a verge to complete a dual-screen Surface device soon to be released globally. One of the recent and popular Microsoft hype was Project Andromeda. According to Sams, the project is still alive and the launch can happen towards the end of 2019. The reports say that it will be a smartphone cum tablet device, the will easily turn into a tablet anytime. While Microsoft is silently working on this new device, Samsung has also announced a foldable phone.

The tech author has claimed that Microsoft is unhappy with Intel’s delay over the 10nm chipsets. This perhaps is the reason why the next-generation Surface Laptop features an AMD chipset instead of Intel. The new variant might debut next year.

If Sams has to be believed, the Surface Pro hybrid tablet is set to get the USB Type-C port next year. There are reports already on the internet about next Surface laptop to be a thin-bezel and a round-corner device. The book further covered next-generation Xbox game consoles, a stand-alone Surface Studio Monitor, and a revamped Surface Studio.

Gradually, Microsoft has found the right path in terms of hardware. If the above-mentioned plans turn out true, the company will be aiming straight at Apple and Samsung for a strong rivalry. Gartner statistics dropped and the popularity of Surface devices has earned Microsoft a spot in top 5 PC vendors in the US.