Microsoft is ready to surprise everyone with a number of Surface products lined up for this fall as well as the next year 2020. Allegedly working on three new devices including Surface Book, Surface Laptop, and Surface Pro, the company is expected to release these three somewhere in October. Rumors are also there about a new form factor of 2-in-1 dual-screen laptop codenamed Centaurus but there are certainties that it will not start shipping before 2020.

There are other devices expected to be launched in the fall alongside Surface products but these three are backed by most of the tipsters. A report from Petri claimed that major hardware from Microsoft will mostly witness under the hood alterations in the fall. Agreeing to that claim, we also think that apart from some tweaks here are there such as USB-C in the place of Surface Connect, Microsoft will not change the designs of the new devices.

We have heard that Microsoft’s relation with Intel has been on shaky grounds lately and as a result, the Windows-owning company has been testing AMD Picasso chipsets for the next Surface laptop variants. Though the reasons for the sourness with Intel are not stated anywhere, few reports claim that Intel’s recent lack of chip design innovation and chip storage might be two big reasons.

Microsoft Surface Pro with Qualcomm’s 8cx SoC

Microsoft is testing an ARM version of the current Surface laptop as well as the next Surface Pro, but we also have news that Microsoft is working on something codenamed Excalibur. Confirming the news again, Petri claimed that Excalibur will feature 8cx SoC, a new chipset Microsoft has been developing with Qualcomm. According to Petri, the 8cx chipset has been featured in few Surface Pro 7 prototypes.

While the next Surface Pro is still going to be an Intel device, the Windows-maker may likely release an ARM version to see how it performs in the market. Moreover, the reported 8cx is a rival to the Intel’s Core i5 processor that usually goes in the entry-level Surface Pro. Microsoft releasing an ARM version in the fall makes sense since the company is yet to ship an ARM-powered Surface PC with Windows 10, even though Microsoft is pushing others OEMs for the same.

At last, Petri reported that Microsoft perhaps is planning to reveal Microsoft Teams for life and might announce Windows Lite formally without any release date confirmations. If the October event witnesses company’s announcement of Windows Lite then there will be another announcement of a Centaurus device to show the world what the Lite version of the most popular global OS is capable of.