Microsoft Surface Laptop 2: Predictions and Rumors


Microsoft could be preparing for a stiff market return with Surface Laptop 2. We loved the Windows 10-powered first version of Surface Laptop. But that does not mean Microsoft will leave many fronts unaltered.

Windows 10 April 2018 Update to the Surface Laptop gave it a number of productivity-centralized features. Now that, Microsoft is ready with Windows 10 October Update, we are likely to hear an announcement of Surface Laptop 2 soon. Tech gurus have already predicted a lot of things for the device. Here are some predictions about features, prices, and release date of the device.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 Release Date

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

While Microsoft has a theory of hitting on alternate years, that might make some fans believe that Surface 2 will most likely land in 2019. However, with Microsoft teasing a release of something on October 2, tech gurus have predicted that company might be announcing the Surface Laptop 2. Given the fact that Microsoft has not been consistent with their release dates and timings, a new device might get an announcement and release date but a release is not what we should expect.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 Prices

There is literally no information whatsoever about the specifications of Surface Laptop 2 from Microsoft. So, the price predictions rely on the previous versions and feature predictions. With that said, we know previous Surface Laptop was tagged with a price of $799 with a low power Core m3 processor from Intel whereas, the original model starts at $999. So, if we are to see a Surface laptop 2 in near future, Microsoft will hardly deviate any far from this price with a maximum $100 higher bar.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 Specifications

Again, all these predictions we have come from the current models. Keeping them as a baseline, we can say that Microsoft will power the device with 8th-generation Coffee Lake or Kaby lake R processors. But, not to forget, Intel is also ready with its Whiskey Lake U-series processors. This can result in Surface skipping 8th generation completely.

Moreover, we know that RAM and storage standards have not changed in laptops since last year. So this can stay the same for Surface Laptop 2. The hardware was already a plus in the laptop which again makes it hard to think that Microsoft will alter it.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

What Are People Expecting in Microsoft Surface Laptop 2?

We have a plenty of room to develop a wish list for Microsoft Surface Laptop 2. More specifically, the users of Surface will be expecting a number of things from the sequel. So let’s dive into what we expect from the laptop:

  • More ports: It is very sad to see that Microsoft still hasn’t expected the change in time. Now, we will be expecting so hard for Microsoft to adopt Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C 3.1. We know Surface Connect port offers similar functionality but it is not as popular as USB-C. Maybe just eliminate DisplayPort and offer a USB-C type port.
  • LTE Support: Microsoft came with Surface Pro LTE in the market, and the laptop was well received by everyone. Now that the sequel is on the line, we would love to see either a Window 10S on ARM implementation with Qualcomm or a dedicated 5G modem from Intel on the device.
  • Fast Charging: It is about time that this incredible feature from smartphones will be an expected standard for laptops. Microsoft can use this feature to solidify Surface’s portability chops.
  • More Colors: Last but not the least, we expect Microsoft to introduce the sequel in more colors. Believe it or not but Surface has been moving around with that success due to its variety of colors. And Microsoft can blow this out of the water with something creative and elegant again.