Microsoft has surprised all its users at the Surface event which was held on Wednesday in New York by unveiling its new devices among which Surface Duo, as well as Surface Neo, were on the spotlight. Apart from these, it has launched Surface earbuds, Surface X Pro, Surface Pro 7, Surface Laptop 3 as well as Windows 10X. All the devices that we have mentioned above are powered by Windows 10. Let’s discuss it in a detailed manner. At the Surface event, we have also got to see the Surface Laptop 3 as well as Surface Pro 7 which look quite similar to its predecessor but there are some refreshing changes. For example, the Surface Pro 7 has been featured with a new USB-C port. Having said that, Microsoft has even also announced about its brand new devices which have stretched the gap between laptops as well as tablets which include Surface Neo as well as Surface Pro X. Along with this, it has also introduced its wireless Surface Earbuds. Now let us have a look at each of the devices.

Surface Pro X – A super-slim laptop/tablet which operates an ARM chip.

The Surface Pro X is probably the first ARM-powered 2 in 1 laptop which is worth purchasing. As per the reports, the Surface Pro X will go live for sale in November which can compete for iPad Pro. The device is extremely sturdy and sleek and is featured with thin bezels. Along with this, the device is having a custom SQ1 CPU which is designed in partnership with Qualcomm. Surface Pro X looks more stylish as compared to its previous ultraportables. The device comes with 13 inches edge to edge display which has 33 per cent slimmer bezels. The device is extremely travel-friendly as it has an ARM-based CPU. This is for the very first time that the brand has used custom SQ1 chip which will be offering three times the performance per watt as compared to Surface Pro 6. You will also be getting a fast chargeable battery which has a runtime of up to 13 hours. The starting price of the Surface Pro X is $1000 and it will be available for preorder on Wednesday.

Surface Buds Wireless Earbuds

Microsoft has also won the race against Apple’s AirPods. The company has come up with robust technology. Having said that it is also expensive and at the same time it is less portable. Apart from that, audio performance and its various other features are amazing. The starting price of the Surface wireless earbuds will be $249 and in this price range, you will be getting sizable charging case as well as three sizes of silicone ear tips. As per the battery life is concerned, the battery performance will last up to 8 hours in a single charge and the charging case holds a 24-hour charge. Apart from receiving phone calls and listening to music, it can also be connected to the Office 365 suite which includes the ability to swipe on the earbuds for proceeding to the next slide in PowerPoint.

Surface Pro 7

The well known 2 in 1 laptop has got a refreshing upgrade. The laptop has come up with a USB-C port along with more powerful 10th Generation Intel CPU which will give twice performance than its previous version. In terms of the outer look, it looks quite similar to the Surface Pro 6. The device will be launched on October 22 and you will be getting it in $749, but you can pre-order it now itself. It comes with 13.3 inches of the display along with the pixel density of 2736 * 1824.

Surface Laptop 3

Microsoft has also unveiled Surface Laptop 3 which is featured with 10th Generation Intel processors, a new modular design and a machined aluminium chassis which will make the device much easier to upgrade. You will get the laptop in two screen sizes: 13.5 inches and 15 inches having a custom AMD Ryzen graphics chip. Apart from this, it comes with comfortable keyboards which very travel-friendly and a strong battery life. The laptop will be up for sale from October 22 and its starting price is $999 fr 13.5 inches and $1100 for 15 inches model. Both of these models are featured with full-size USB Type C port and along with this, the users will also be getting various modern accessories. Coming to the display, the 13.5-inch model has the pixel density of 2256 * 1504. On the other hand, the 15-inch model comes with the pixel density of 2496 * 1664.

Surface Neo

During the launch event, Microsoft has also teased the Surface Neo which will be launching next year. Surface Neo is a device which is having a dual-screen which folds as well as unfolds. The device is comfortable in hand and is extremely stylish. The device is featured with two 9 inches screens which can be expanded up to 13.1 inches if you combine it. In between the two screens, there is a polished metal seam of 8.9 mm wide which will hide the hinge. Panos Panay said at the event while introducing the device, “Over the years these technologies and this company have together as one to create unique and amazing products. But as we think about the future of Microsoft, in a world that’s more mobile, more cloud-based, where the line blurs more between home, life and work, we wanted to make a product that felt smaller. Today, we wanted to introduce you to a new product that I believe is the next category.”

The entire device is 5.6 mm thin and is surrounded by Gorilla Glass which will protect the device from external damage.

Windows 10X

With the official announcement of Surface Neo, Microsoft has also introduced Windows 10X which will be running on this dual-screen device. The main motive of introducing this operating system is to make it more modular. As per the design is concerned, it looks similar to Windows 10 but it is more advanced in terms of functionality. The company have been working hard for a couple of year in designing this new operating system and the company’s goal is to introduce a new era of mobile creativity and productivity.

So as you have seen most of the devices will be launched by the end of this month and the other two devices will be launched by next year.