Microsoft has surprised its users at its Surprise event as they have announced about the foldable Surface Duo phone which will be running on Android. The event was held on Wednesday in New York when the brand has officially announced about this phone. The smartphone generally looks the smaller version of the Surface Neo. Surface Neo is another dual screen foldable device. Microsoft announced that the two screens will help the users to do productive tasks. Not only this but they have also shown a video of some people using a stylus with this Android phone. The phone comes with two 5.6 inch displays which you can expand up to 8.3 inches device. Having said that the company did not reveal any other details about the Surface Duo which will be joining the Surface Neo. However, they have said that the phone will be up on holiday in 2020.

While making this phone Microsoft has partnered with Google through which the Surface Duo will be capable enough to run apps which are available in the Google Play Store. Panos Panay, Microsoft Product Chief said, “This product brings together the absolute best of Microsoft, and we are partnering with Google to bring the absolute best of Android in one product. This is industry pushing technology.”

Microsoft Surface Duo is not a foldable phone, rather it is a dual-screen device and some of its features is quite similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Microsoft has announced about the phone at such a time when all the foldable phones are attracting the customer’s attention. It is the goal that all the phone manufacturing companies are doing hard work as most of the people demand to do multi-tasking using one device. This is the reason that Microsoft has took the challenge of making the dual-screen design.

Panos Panay further said, “We know scientifically you will be more productive on two screens. But it has to be elegant. It has to fit in your pocket.” Now let us have a look at the features of Microsoft Surface Duo.

What is the Microsoft Surface Duo?

The Surface Duo is a dual-screened, Android phone which can work in the form of mobile phone, part camera as well as part tablet. When the phone is folded, it is the size of a normal smartphone. The phone is covered with Gorilla Glass at the backside and along with this, there is a Microsoft logo. When the phone is opened, the phone is featured with two separate glass screens, 5.6 inches each which is separated by the 360-degree folding hinge. Not only this but also the screens can be enlarged up to 8.3 inches. This literally means the users can easily utilize one large screen which is similar to tablet and perform various tasks at the same time like attending a video call, watching video at one screen and checking emails or web browsing on another screen.

Can the users use Microsoft Surface Duo for work?

The company has designed Surface Duo in such a way so that it can easily help users in achieving maximum flow to the work as well as be as productive as possible. This will help business professionals to utilize their time efficiently. Panos Panay has given some examples of this.

He explained that while the users are operating their email, the can be able to see one screen which will be displaying their inbox or even receive the message. On the other hand, the another screen can be used for composing the message through which you can send emails more efficiently.

When the Microsoft Surface Duo will be available?

The brand has revealed that Microsoft Surface Duo will be launched at the holiday season 2020. Having said that there is no such information related to pricing.

Is there any competitor to the Microsoft Surface Duo?

Microsoft Surface Duo is not a foldable phone but if we talk about the competition then there will be the tough competition between Microsoft Surface Duo and Motorola Razr foldable, Samsung Galaxy Fold as well as Huawei Mate X.

How does Microsoft Surface Duo beat the Samsung Galaxy Fold?

Surface Duo comes with sturdy glass

One of the biggest star features of Microsoft is its glass screens. On the other hand Galaxy Fold’s foldable design is specifically made of polymer screen which can lead to damage if it falls. This is the reason that Samsung has instructed its buyers.

Surface can stand up on its own

As we all know that Microsoft Surface Duo is more like a book which opens as well as closes. Having said that you can even make it stand for watching movie as well as pop up one side for using a screen and on the other hand, use the keyboard.  However, Samsung Galaxy Fold works best when it is being opened fully.

Work with the help of a digital pen

The biggest disadvantage of Samsung Galaxy Fold is its creativity as well as productivity as it does not operate with the help of a digital pen and it comes with a fragile design and is more prone to damage. And this is where Microsoft Surface Duo stay ahead.

Camera could be the negative point

During the event, Microsoft did not mentioned any such thing related to the camera of the Microsoft Surface Duo which can be nervous point as most of the people decide to buy phone only because of camera. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Fold comes with six cameras among which three cameras on the back panel, one on the closed  up front as well as two inside.

On the other hand, the Surface Duo’s working prototype have the rear camera. This means that the user will have to turn the device around to use the front  facing camera for taking photos.

With this we can say that where all other phone making companies are busy in making foldable phones, here Microsoft is has taken an unique initiative of making dual screen phone.