The Mi True Wireless Earphones is Xiaomi’s new launch in the true earbuds segment range. The True Wireless Earphones are featured with an extremely trendy AirPods type design. This earphone from Xiaomi will provide the users that kind of wireless type feel which will just help in getting rid of tangle problem. The Mi True Wireless Earphones are featured with sweat resistance, active noise cancellation as well as touch gestures. You will get these earphones at Rs 6280 (Approx). As per the price is concerned, the features truly justify it.


As per the design of the Mi True Wireless Earphones are concerned, it resembles quite a similar to the AirPods. This is because the earphones come with the same dental floss which means it has a case in the top. When you open it up, it will reveal the earbuds inside. Having said that, the case that we are talking about is not as handy as the AirPods as it is of the same width but its height is double of its thickness. On the front side of the case, it contains a white coloured LED which blinks in different patterns. These patterns denote the status of battery or pairing. While on the right side of the case you will get a button which you can press and hold for pairing. On the bottom part, you will get a USB-C port which you can use for charging.

When you open the case, you will get two large cavities for two earbuds. The contacts for charging below the cavity is the same as the AirPods case. The lid of the case is attached to spring-loaded snaps as well as a hinge which you can shut magnetically. One problem with the hinge is that it is a little bit lose but it is not that heavy which will give you the exact feel of AirPods. Not only this but it also does not open widely and tend to close when it is in the open position.

Now if we talk about the earbuds, which we have already provided a summary. These earphones are featured with a tall wind-mill like the design. The earbuds are comparatively larger as compared to the AirPods in each and every aspects. The earbuds come with tall as well as thick stalks which house the radio as well as electronics modules for Bluetooth. When we talk about the speaker, there are main speaker units juts inside the additional electronics which comes with the driver as well as the battery.

These earphones from MI are featured with an in-ear style design along with the silicone ear tips. These ear tips also come with the three different sizes for the ears. But while you are in the call by using these ear tips, it will feel very uncomfortable. Among all the three ear tips, none of the ear tips has allowed providing the proper seal. Having said that it does not fall from your ears but it does not provide that quality of audio.

You will also get a touchpad on the side surface of the earbuds that you can use for controlling various functions. You can just double-tap to pause or play music or even you can activate your voice assistant. You can also tap to activate and deactivate the noise cancellation.

This Mi Tru Wireless Earphones also comes with the IPX4 certification which will help itself to protect from splash and sweat which normal earphones fail to provide to its users.


If we talk about comfort, these earphones from Mi provide quality performance. You can even wear it for a longer time and when you open them up, you will not find any problems in your ears which is the best part of these earphones.

The size of the earbuds is larger as compared to the AirPods. This means when you are using them while you are sleeping, you will not feel against the head when you turn around which is another positive point.

Software and Controls

As we have already mentioned above, you can control the functions of the Mi True Wireless earphones with the help of the touchpads which is situated on the side of the earbud. The control points exactly work the same as you want. But one negative point with these earphones is that the gestures while tapping against something do not provide any pleasant experience. This is because of no matter if you just tap lightly it will provide a hammering effect in your ears.

The Mi True Wireless earphones do not have any companion app so you cannot just avail any additional features for customization purposes. Not only this but you also cannot upgrade the software, you will have to avail the same features forever.

Noise Cancellation

These earphones from Mi have active noise cancellation features in it which you can activate or deactivate whenever you want to by just pressing and holding on the touch panel. However, the noise cancellation feature is not that good in these earphones.

Audio Performance

The Mi True Earphones provide the improvised sound and it is quite similar to the AirPods. The bass quality is really very good. The mid-range is also good as the vocal quality is clear and users never get disappointed.

Battery Life

In terms of battery, the battery life is extremely poor. These wireless earphones from Mi can provide 3 hours of continuous usage as well as 10 hours of batter as compared to the AirPods.

 Priced at Rs 6280, you will be getting these amazing features which are really not disappointing as it is half a price of AirPods.