Mi Soundbar

A good soundbar often increases the entertainment quality of your television. Audio devices have quickly gained a market in the past few years due to the rise of smart speakers. However, connecting audio devices to TV sets has never been so popular and only few who like an enhanced movie experience use extra speakers with their TV sets.

Soundbars are the best options to add a sound device to your TV. Not only they produce high-quality sound but also come as an addition to your home decor. The problem with them is that they are usually quite expensive. And even a company that’s known for budget gadgets won’t change it. Mi Soundbar may fall in an expensive zone for speakers but it is incredible the quality is good enough to compete with high-end soundbars.

Mi Soundbar

The new Xiaomi device is priced at ₹4,999 which gives buyers an option to dedicate most of their budget towards a good, next-generation television.

Coming with a V-shaped soundbar, it’s clear that the speaker will deliver powerful bass and highs than low or mid frequencies. A soundbar should solely emphasize voices rather than music, so that movie experience can be clear and crisp. Don’t expect this kind of balance from the sound but you will mostly like it unless you’re into a particular music genre based on low and mid frequencies, like classical.

Mi Soundbar Features

Mi Soundbar

The Mi Soundbar comes with AUX, Line In, and Optical Ports alongside two volume controlling buttons. It also supports Bluetooth and has Sony/Philips Digital Interface or SPDIF. We appreciate Xiaomi for the addition of an optical port since it ensures that the soundbar works with some very old televisions too.

The only thing we felt this sound boomer lacks is remote control support. You have to control the volume manually whenever required and you’re also stuck with just one tuning coming out of the box since there’s no equalizer too. These two would’ve hardly affected the device price. We expect Xiaomi to bring it in the later versions of the device.

Should you buy it?

Mi Soundbar

It is a no brainer at ₹4,999. The audio quality is much better than any mid-range TV (even better than the branded ones). One thing you can be sure of is that you are in for an enhanced TV viewing experience. Though the device cannot compete to high-end devices from Bose, Sony, Philips, and others, it sits better than offerings at the same price range.

Integration of some smart features would’ve been enticing since there’s no such device at this range. But Xiaomi still has managed to fill a medium to large size room with powerful sound that makes it worth buying.