A few weeks after the launch of Mi Note 8 as well as Mi Note 8 Pro in India, the brand is all set to come up with Mi Note 10 alongside Mi Note 10 Pro. It has been quite a long time that the China-based brand has not upgraded the Mi Note line up. Having said that, the Chinese smartphone maker is coming up with two different models as per the leaked report.  However, we are sill for the company to make a formal announcement. As per the reports, Mi Note is expected to be featured with 108 MP Penta camera. The particular phone has also touted as the global variant of Mi CC9 Pro. Mi CC9 Pro will be making the debut in Spain as well as Madrid on November 6. The phone will be first launched in its home market on November 5.  The brand recently tweeted from its Twitter handle on Sunday where it has confirmed that Mi Note 10 will be launched in Madrid on November 6. The company said, “Welcome t the new era of smartphone cameras! Join our event to reveal the world’s first 108 MP Penta camera. Live stream available, stay tuned.” So as you have seen there is a lot to understand through this statement but the main point here to understand is that the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 could be the under the list for holding the title of the best camera phone. This is because some leaked reports suggest that the brand is coming with some 108 MP smartphones by the mid of 2019. But as we have seen there is some phone which Xiaomi has already launched with 64 MP camera, so we can expect this phone to be featured with 108 MP camera.

We hope you know that the China-based company is all sort to come up with launch event on November 5 where it will be launching its new smartwatch lineup. There is also some possibility of the launch of Mi Note 10. However, we will be updating you as soon as we get any sort of news related to it.

Mi Note 10 camera features

As the leaked reports suggest the phone will be featured with 108 MP rear camera will not instantly capture 108 MP shots. Having said that, the phone will be using the sensor which will be taking some high-quality pictures even at a lower resolution which will let the photo to get in more light in enhancing the image. Apart from this, there is lots more to be known regarding the features of the main camera. The leaked reports also revealed that the specs of the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro, the particular smartphone which will be unveiled in China tomorrow may also be going to be rebranded as the Mi Note 10 in somewhere else. First and foremost, the smartphone sports the zoom lens which will be facilitating 5x optical zoom as well as 50x digital as per the brand. This feature is quite similar to the current camera phone from Huawei that Huawei P30 Pro. Apart from this, there is also an ultra-wide-angle lens of 20 MP sensor which we can say is one of the highest MP features till date behind the ultra-wide lens. Through these features, your solo, as well as group shots, will provide the excellent outputs. Coming to the main feature which is the Pent camera array which is basically a portrait camera which is of 12 MP sensor as well as the depth sensor or the macro camera for the photos which are captured only 1.5cm from the object. So the combination of the five different rear cameras will be making Xiaomi Mi Note 10 a powerhouse of photography which is efficient enough to compete with other brands such as Huawei, Google as well as Samsung.

The Mi Note 10 have reportedly reached the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications (NBTC) as well as the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) office which is situated in Thailand for the initial certification. Some reports also suggest that the phone has also been spotted on the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) of Singapore. Having said that the listing of the NTBC of Thailand did not provide any such details about the specifications of the Mi Note 10.

As per the leaked reports, the phone is expected to be featured with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ SoC as well as sports a 120Hz display.  The brand has earlier said that it is developing as many as four different smartphones which will be sporting 108 MP camera on the backside immediately after Samsung announced its highest MP count sensor back August. We will be knowing more about the phone after November 5. We will let you know once we get any such updates after the event.