Man Jailed For Offering Sexual Services on Snapchat


A Dubai visitor lost his appeal against a one year sentence against him for profiling himself as a prostitute and offering sexual services on Snapchat. A Dubai Police lieutenant at cyber crime department spotted the Snapchat account with nude images during a routine cyber patrol in June 2018.

On investigating, the police found that the account nicknamed as ‘kisses967’ has been regularly posting still and video images categorized under pornographic nature. The account was offering sexual services on the social media platform from quite a while. Dubai police further investigated the account to identify the owner as a 22-year old Moroccan man. The man surrendered himself after the police issued an arrest warrant against him. Police seized a Samsung phone from the defendant and found a number of indecent videos and photos in forensic examination.

The Dubai Court of First Instance found him guilty of abusing social media platform with an illegal account setup for offering services as well as posting images and videos of pornographic nature. He was also found guilty of having sex with men for money.“I did that… but I worked in prostitution before June,” the man said while pleading guilty.
“The nude and pornographic images will be erased instantly and the devices used to post the images will be confiscated,” said the primary ruling, presiding judge Mohammad Jamal.

Now the presiding Judge Al Sharif has also found lower court’s decision right and upheld it after an appeal was filed by the man.
The lieutenant said that during a regular cyber patrol, he found this account and immediately reported it for promoting prostitution.

“After identifying the culprit, we circulated an arrest warrant. He surrendered himself the next morning at 10 am. During questioning, he claimed that he profiled himself on Snapchat as a prostitute for men. He also uploaded images of his private parts. He further admitted that when he became unemployed, he decided to earn his living by having paid sex with men, for Dh1,000 to Dh1,500 per client. He also said that he lured several clients before he getting exposed and had paid sex with those clients,” the lieutenant told the court.

As per the final verdict, the ruling remains subject to appeal before the Cassation Court within 30 days and if denied, the man will have to spend one year in jail.