We already know that Technical giant Google has already announced about its update for Google Assistant which help in enabling the assistant to speak in Hindi. Hindi is the third most spoken language on the earth. The update that Google has announced is currently available on all the Android phones which are operating on 6.0+ (Marshmallow as well as above) version. Not only this the users who are using Android 5.0 Lollipop, as well as the iPhone, can also avail the benefits of Google Assistant.

The virtual assistant that we are talking about always works in the same way for Hindi as it usually does for other languages. The users can talk to the Google Assistant in Hindi along with the combination of a few English words that we generally speak in Hindi. So Google Assistant is smart enough to understand the users’ query. We will also discuss the amazing features of Google Assistant but before that let us have a look at the steps on how to enable Google Assistant to speak in Hindi which we already mentioned in the title.

  • First and foremost all you need to do is just update the Google search app into its latest version so that you can be able to access it into the Hindi Google Assistant. 
  • Secondly, you need to launch the Hindi Google Assistant by tapping as well as holding the Home button. You can also say “Okay Google” for starting the app. 
  • The Google Assistant app is set into the English language by default. So what you will have to do is just change the default language settings into Hindi. For this, just go to settings, then navigate to the phone. Then proceed to the Assistant Language and finally select Hindi 
  • The process does not end here for activation. If you want to activate the app in Hindi speaking abilities, you will have to change the entire system of your phone. This you can do it from your phone settings. Here Google has to really work on. 
  • As you select the language into Hindi as well as the Input section, the system language change. And you Google Assistant is all set to speak in Hindi. 
  • The Google Assistant is very smart as it totally understands what are you typing in the query box as well as the voice commands in the Hindi language. No matter what you ask, Google Assistant is always there to help you out.

So these are the steps on how to enable Google Assistant to speak in Hindi. Do you know you can avail various benefits of Google Assistant? Look at the features that we have mentioned below:

What can Google Assistant do?

Google Assistant is basically a voice assistant of Google which provides voice search, voice commands, as well as voice, activated device control which lets the users complete a couple of tasks after the users said”Ok Google”. Following are the brief features of Google Assistant:

  • Controlling the devices as well as the smart home.
  • Accessing information from the calenders as well as various other personal information.
  • Searching information online, online news, searching restaurant online and lots more.
  • Controlling music
  • Playing video through the chromecast or various other compatible devices.
  • Running reminders as well as timers.
  • Making appointments as well as sending messages.
  • Opening apps on the phone.

By continued conversation we mean the users need not have to say “Hey Google” for each and every type of query. Whenever you have started interacting with Google, it waits for the response without any trigger phrase at all the time. The Google Assistant also has the capability to recognize the voice of a particular person. So basically the device knows who is interacting with it and can examine the responses. Not only this but also the users can also various things at the same time.

As the Google Assistant knows with whom it is interacting, it will respond to it in a more smart or informed manner. It is a really very important thing as it offers voice control much more power. in the near future, the Google Assistant will also have the capability to book an appointment as well as call for helping its users. There are various other features which include the ability to checking in to the flights (airline as well as destination dependent).

Not only this but it will also have the capability to book a room. It also has an interpreter model which is situated in the Google Home device as well as smart displays. With the help of it, the users can ask Google Assistant in helping them in conducting a conversation in any language they want. The users will be getting the real-time spoken as well as written translation in aiding the conversation.