Apple could launch a new 16 inch MacBook by the end of this year. It is rumored to be launched in the month of October. Apple is also expected to update the 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Retina display could be added in the same month. But as of now, all eyes are on MacBook Pro 16-Inch.

The specs of the device have not been officially confirmed yet. But according to the reports, the device has a lot in the bag to offer. Reports suggest the device could go for mass production in the month of October and could hit the store by the end of 2019. With the update in MacBook Pro 13-Inch and MacBook Air, 2019 is going to be a year of excitement for all Apple users.

Some reports suggest that the device will arrive next year. Since Apple has not announced anything related to the launch date officially yet, there is uncertainty in the launch date.

MacBook Pro 16-Inch Design

Good news, you can say goodbye to the butterfly-style keyboard. Apple is expected to ditch the old keyboard design and MacBook Pro 16-Inch could be the first device with the new keyboard.

MacBook Pro 16-Inch Specs

Full specifications of the device have not been officially announced yet but according to reports, the device is going to have some improvements in all the fields. Let’s have a look at the expected specs of the MacBook Pro 16-Inch.

Display: The MacBook Pro 16-Inch is going to have an LCD panel. It is rumored to have a 3072 x 1920 resolution. It would definitely be better than the current 2880 x 1800-pixel Retina display.

Processor: There is no official report on the processor of the device but you can expect Intel’s latest 9th Gen H-series CPUs. All the upcoming Apple devices would use the same processor.

OS: The device is expected to run macOS Catalina, which is the latest version of Apple’s desktop OS.

Battery: Battery has never been an issue when it comes to Apple. There are no details about the battery of the device yet but you can expect a good backup.


The MacBook Pro 16-Inch is going to be the most expensive MacBook Pro model. The starting price of the device is expected to be around 3000$ (Rs. 214,500). The price range of the device is high as expected. Keeping all the specs in mind the price is slightly high but since all specs have not been confirmed yet, Apple could surprise the users with something new.

Changes we want in MacBook Pro 16-Inch

A USB Port: All Apple users want to have it in their respective devices. But Apple is known to stick to its decisions. This is highly unlikely to happen but we would love to see it in the new MacBook Pro 16-Inch.

Face ID: Face ID is a great feature that Apple offers in the iPhone. It is a great way of protecting the device but sadly we don’t have this feature in MacBook. It would be a great way to make the new MacBook Pro 16-Inch stand out from others.

A New Design: As we are already expecting a whole new keyboard, it would be exciting to see some more changes in the design of the device. Apple has not come up with a new design lately. Even the 15-inch MacBook Pro has the same design as the 2016 version. Since Apple has made a number of improvements in the display as well, you can expect some changes with the design as well. It would be even better if Apple comes up with a number of colors. We usually do not get many options in the colors but a red or blue color variant would bring excitement in the users.

All Apple users would love to see these changes in the new 16-inch MacBook Pro. But we all know Apple is stubborn when it comes to the design of MacBook series. However, the price range suggests otherwise. You could see a number of new features and changes in the 16-inch MacBook Pro.


MacBook Pro 16-Inch would be the latest in the lineup. There are a lot of expectations in the device. With the current leaked and rumored specs, the price range looks a bit high. But no official announcement has been made yet so you can expect some new features in the device. Apple could have some surprises in the bag for its users.

The MacBook Pro 16-Inch is going to be better than the previously launched devices in the lineup. The device would use the latest OS and the devices that are going to be launched after this would follow the same. The MacBook Pro 16-Inch is expected to sit between the iMac and the Mac Pro.