The social media services are invading all our lives and not always in a good manner. Apps..!! Apps..!! Buzzword which has somehow become an extravagant part of everyone’s lives in today’s environment.

As the internet matures and technology has advanced, they are only going to become more sophisticated and more crucial to daily routines. When it comes to function they are about as unlimited as you can imagine, there is a mobile app for just everything which you can think of doing or requiring.

The most popular has come to be known as social media. As a parent, do you know what your kids are doing in their smartphones especially late at night? You probably must not be aware of it. At every few months, there come some apps which are popular with elementary, middle and high school students for messaging, photos, videos which their parents may not be aware of.

Most of the apps talked before such as and hidden locker apps, but there are a couple new entries on the internet which include some of the cheapest mobile apps which parents must be aware of for their children’s security and their future vase.

As a responsible parent, you must be aware of what is there for protecting your kids from bullying, unwanted sexual messaging, locations identification and so much more. We understand, it seems like one more thing never ending list of ways to protect your kids, but as we know that a parent’s job is never-ending done.

It is in today’s realm where most of us live and since the kids are spending their most of the time on social media, which becomes an attractive place for predators and bullies to interact with kids. In 2013, a 12-year-old girl was lured away from her home by a 21-year-old man. Once they met, he took the girl to a motel and took advantage of that little girl. Do you know how do they both met?

They met through an app called Whisper on her handheld device, because of which, she had a lot of trouble in her life at that time. Therefore, parents must also be aware of some apps so that their children could have been sustained with such incidents ever in their life.

It is important to note that there are many social media apps which have come and gone, but the social media remains the same and in one form or another will remain at the top of this list of foreseeable future. Below is the list of some of the major dangerous apps for kids that children must not use in order to protect them from strangers and violence cases that we usually see as:



Tinder is the fun way for connecting to people around you. It is the social media app which uses geolocation for introducing you to the people in your area and is supposedly safe for the ages of the kids 13+.

In practices, it has become the world’s biggest leading dating app, hook up and one-night stand app which allows the users to like each other before connecting. When it comes to inappropriate apps for teens this one puts them in immediate danger of catfishing, stalking and even worse than it. In terms of cyberbullying, it is one of worst offenders as a group of kids can gang up together on one another to vote down user ratings.


Ask.FM is gain another worst social media app for children who allow its users to ask questions and get answers from the community. Also, this app is highly listed for the children above 13 years old but it is almost exclusively used by the underage crowd.

It has come under fire in the UK and US for its role in cyberbullying and attacks that have led to suicide. There is major criticism which includes lack of regulations and monitoring which have allowed the app to be used as a hurtful tool.


Kik messenger


Kik messenger is again a texting text app which goes beyond simple messaging. Users profile pictures appear next to the messages along with the ability to text with other users and outside of your phone contact list.

This site says it is for use by those 17 and older, but there is no age verification, so anyone can sign up on this site. Aside from its reported use as dating, hookup app, it has also been linked to vicious cyber-bullying attacks and is considered as one of the most dangerous app for children.




Whisper is an anonymous messaging app which allows users for sending messages along with the images in the manner akin to digital postcards. Part of the app’s motto is to share the secrets, the secret maybe your children should not be sharing with their parents or become privy too.

Like most other apps, this app is also intended for use by older teens and young adults too and also popular among the younger crowd. It is also been linked to catfishing and alleged rape of minor children.




Omegle is an app which outright advertises its purpose as letting you talk to the strangers. It is a video chatting service which keeps members anonymous but still, users can use their Facebook account information for finding other with the like interstate.

The site is used by catfishes and sexual predators for finding some good targets. Once you are connected with this site, then a series of innocent sounding question can easily lead them to your doorstep.


The best protection to your kids is to make sure their connections and internet use is highly safe and secured and to teach them how to recognize bad people and bad use of the web. After that, it comes down to the best practices in your children’s lives. Teach your kids what it means to be safe and secure on the internet and also teach them never to share the sensitive information or to talk to the strangers to whom they don’t know.