Like Patrol App has been removed by Apple from the App Store that used to stalk people you follow on Instagram

The California based company has finally removed an app which is known a Like Patrol from the Apple App Store by following Instagram’s delivery of cease as well as desist letter the developer of the app because of violation of all its policies against data collection. The Like Patrol app is such an app which helps in enabling subscribers in keeping surveillance of the social media activities of other people. In the month of October, the Facebook-owned Instagram platform have phased out the Following option. The main reason behind this is this tab used to share all information related to what the friends of your account, as well as the people you are following, are doing on their social media networks. Not only this but also Instagram has mentioned some people were shocked their all activities were showing in the platform. Now currently, the company has strictly kept an eye in recreating that idea. Let us put it this way, the Like Patrol which we are talking about is meant to have a check on the Instagram Activity Insights app which helped users to track each and every activity of the followers as well as the followings. To this Sergio Luis Quintero whose is the founder of Like Patrol has mentioned that they will be fighting for getting back on the App Store. 

A spokesman of Facebook said in a statement, “Scraping violates our policies, and we take action against companies who we find to be engaging in it. Like Patrol was scraping people’s data sow e are taking appropriate enforcement action against them.” He further added, “We strongly believe that our app does not violate Apple policies, we plan to appeal this decision in the coming days.” 

Like Patrol App was launched on the Apple App Store back in July 2019 along with the subscription price of $2.99 per week or you can say $80 per year. The app has been subscribed by 300 users as per Sergio Luis Quintero. This app generally sends notifications to its subscribed users whenever they target comments as well as likes on a post in Instagram as well as provides the detailed analytics on which profile they are interacting with such as name, gender and also attractiveness which is really very surprising. As mentioned above, earlier, Like Patrol app used to provide data from the Following tab of the Instagram which showed who they are interacted with. When Instagram has discontinued this, the Like Patrol App has designed its very own scraping algorithms for tracking interactions. Not only this but also the app was designed in such a way through which it was able to track Instagram users by scraping the data. So through this, we can understand that it is specifically that type of activity through which the photo, as well as the video-sharing platform, has been clamping down on.

The apps like the Like Patrol app is used to represent only one of the ways which technology has helped people in stalking others. Stalkware apps that are generally used in abusive relationships which can track as well as send location data, call logs, contacts as well as messages to the attackers. On the other hand, Like Patrol is not Stalk ware rather it helps in bordering all through it by encouraging users to make use of the technologies for closely monitoring the social media activities of a person. Wendy Zomora, the editor in chief of cyber security company Malware bytes, mentioned in a statement, “It is monitoring a person’s activities, compiling it and sending it a report.” 

To this Quintero argued that the information which it is scraping is the public data. Private detectives generally spy all across the social media feeds for collecting data of people as well as law enforcement will be going undercover on Facebook monitoring group. Facebook also mentioned that it has banned Like Patrol app from Instagram as well as Facebook and they have mentioned that they are currently reviewing various other apps from the same developer. So getting rid of the following option will not get rid of the insecurities of the people as well as their jealous behavior. And its void inspired apps such as Lile Patrol for stepping in as well as ramping up surveillance. Grygiel said, “ Facebook built this culture. The apps are just serving the wants of the public that were groomed on it.” When the platform got rid of the Following tab, it eventually took away data points which the Like Patrol app used to depend on.  

Instagram has recently introduced a new mode which is known as Restrict all across the world which will help the users in stopping people who bully them through abusive comments. Now the users can easily restrict someone by swiping left of the comment with the help of privacy tab in settings or directly on the profile of the person’s account.