After the completion of the successful testing of in India as well as various other emerging markets, Google has come up with its lightweight version of its search engine which is named as Google Go. It is now available for all Android users all over the world. So as we have said Google Go is the lighter version of Google search application and it is now available worldwide where patchy networks are common. This app was first launched in the year 2017 after a couple of months of beta testing and it has been developed basically for use in developing markets where people often face the problem of unstable internet connection by way of low-end Android users.

It is like a lite version of other apps which is specifically designed for the emerging markets. Being the lightweight app, Google Go consumes very less space on the smartphone. One can avail it in just over 7MB. Google Go comes with various offline features for aiding those with intermittent as well as poor internet connections. Not only this but also Google claimed that Google Go’s search results are fully optimized for saving at least 40 percent data.

Apart from a web search or the search results, Google Go is also featured with various other discovery features such as it comes with an option through which one tap through trending topics, image, voice search as well as GIF search. Also, it has one of the easiest ways to switch into a different language. The feature does not end here, it has the efficiency to have web pages read aloud which is powered by artificial intelligence.

At Google’s I/O developer conference the spring, the tech giant has also announced that it is going to bring the lens to Google Go which will allow the users in pointing their phone cameras at real-life objects so that they can bring up some relevant information. In this app, the main motive of adding this lens feature is that it will help those users who are facing problem to read. So when a user turns on the camera to the text such a sign, bus schedule, bank form, etc, the lens will read the text out loud by highlighting those particular words which have been spoken. Not only this but also the users can tap on to a specific word for learning its definition or to have the text gets translated.

As the lens as just a 100KB addition, so as per the company, the updates to the Google Go app since launch which have increased its size. Earlier the app was just of 5MB and now 2MB has been increased after the update.

Bibo Xu, Product Manager of Google Go said, ” At just 7MB, Google Go helps make sure your phone stays speedy when you are traversing the web. It also puts  web versions of your favorite apps at your fingertips, giving the option of downloading fewer apps on your phone.”

Earlier, Google Go was only present in a few countries on the Android Go based devices. As per the reports, this app has been installed nearly 17.5 million times all across the world from which the largest number of users are from India which holds 48% of the total share. The second position is secured by Indonesia which holds 16% which is again followed by Brazil (14%), Nigeria (6%) as well as South Africa (4%).

So all total, it has been revealed that it is now made available in 29 countries on Android Go edition devices which include Angola, Botswana, Benin,  Burkin Faso, Cape Verde, Cameroon, Gabon, Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, Guinea-Bissau, Mauritius, Mali, Mozambique, Niger, Namibia, Rwanda, Philippines, Tanzania, Senegal, Togo, Zambia, Uganda as well as Zimbabwe.

Google has recently revealed that Google Go has millions of users now. Further, the company said that it is now available in the play store. Now the company is planning to launch the app globally which also include the markets where bandwidth is not a big deal. This is because it understands that everyone can face problems like limited storage and spotty connections. Google Go is a lightweight app which has the capacity of reading as well as translating all text. At Google I/O, the company has also said that there are more than 800 million adults all over the world who face problem to read and the most important factor of concern is that some of them are not even located in emerging markets.

Google has also various other lightweight apps which are primarily built by Google itself with the purpose of helping the merging markets and these apps include Files Go, YouTube Go, Gallery Go, Google Maps Go as well as Google Assistant Go and now finally they have come up with the Google Go.

The Google Go app is now available on the play store to its global users who are operating their mobiles on Android Lolipop or even higher version.