A recently spotted patent filed by LG suggests that the tech giant might be working on a smartphone with 16-lens camera support. Yes, you heard that right, 16 snappers in a device.

Apparently, a 5-lens setup in its latest flagship LG V40 ThinQ is still not satisfying for the company. Their latest entry to the high-end smartphone market features dual-lens front camera setup and a triple-lens rear camera setup. To the date, it is the most versatile device LG has ever manufactured.

Recent Devices With Multi-Lens Camera Setups

However, Samsung is another big name that has been spotted for pushing the camera game lately with its four-camera setup stacked vertically at the back of the new 2018 Galaxy A9. To your surprise, it is not the first time a company is making a 16-lens camera smartphone. Last year, the smartphone manufacturer built a 16-lens smartphone. Light is reportedly working on a 9-lens setup for rear camera that’ll improve low-light clicks and offer a range of depth options to the photos.

The patent, spotted by LetsGoDigital, suggests that LG might be already working on a device with 16 camera sensors. If the news is to be believed, the resulting smartphone will definitely win over all the aforementioned smartphones as well as the upcoming camera-centered devices including the highly anticipated Nokia 9 with Penta-camera setup.


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Expected Lens Placement in the New LG Device

The reports suggest that LG will host a 4 x 4 matrix at the rear end of the device to complete the setup. The camera will be capable of performing multiple tricks in a single shot, according to the patent. The new technology will heavily centralize on the 3D moving pictures. Furthermore, the camera will also enable users to remove objects from the pictures with additional data collected at the time of click.

LG is also working on a mirror to be a placed under the heavy 16-lens setup. This suggests that the smartphone manufacturer might be thinking of dropping the front camera, possibly to favor an edge-to-edge notch-less display and moving selfies to the back camera (which is mostly the better one on the smartphones).

However, parent filing has a history with itself of not turning into reality and there are possibilities of this technology still far away from the world. Incorporating 16 cameras in a device is a huge jump in multi-lens camera devices and it will come with huge challenges on the design as well as engineering fronts.

Nevertheless, the smartphone maker has a new device on it’s drawing board and it will be interesting to see whether or not LG will be able to turn this into a reality.