LensLight visual effects

LensLight Visual Effects is a paid photo and video-editing application which is featured with lots of manipulation tools as well as presets which are very user-friendly in terms of usage. The file size of this photo editor app is 61.67 MB and is priced at $4.99. This price gets you all of the ensLight effects, including the Sun collection and Radiance Pack. There is no IAP, no additional costs and no subscription. With this price range you will get everything. This best photo editing app is supported by iOS which is the best part when it comes to reputation and quality. Starting from the basic to advanced features the LensLight Visual Effects will provide the surprising output of the photos and videos. If we talk about the basic features, this best photo editor app for iPhone allows the users to adjust saturation, brightness, shadows, contrast and lots more things in a much easier way. The LensLight Visual Effects was uploaded in the Apple app store on 15 April 2011 for iOS users.

Although we know that there lots of photo and video editing apps available in the Apple app store which mostly come with basic editing features. But there are some unique features available in the LensLight Visual Effects which makes this app different than others.

Wondering if LensLight Visual Effects worth the hype?

We hope you have seen the photo as well as video editing apps, are becoming more popular for newbie photographers and videographers. Earlier only the professional photographers or videographers were able to use the photo and video editing software. This means that the normal people or the newbies had to stick only on the unedited photos and videos without the tools for fixing their photos or videos. They had to totally depend on their camera.

But now the scenario has completely changed. There are uncountable best photo editing apps for iPhone are available which does a good job in term of editing the raw files. Having said that, there are still some differences between the paid applications as well as free applications. Generally, the people tend to use the free photo or video editing apps but as the users start getting better at the editing, they come to realize that the free video an photo editing don’t have certain tools or features as compared to the paid ones. Paid photos and video editing apps are packed with lots of amazing tools which provide the professional outputs.

Who developed LensLight Visual Effects?

LensLight Visual Effects was created by the BrainFeverMedia, a software development company with a good reputation in the videography and photography sector. The main reason behind this is its professional tools as well as presets. Lots of professionals are using this app by downloading to from the Apple store. Now let us discuss the Brain Fever Media.

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Brain Fever Media is a software development company which designs professional photos and video editing tools for the iOS mobiles. They also create professional photo editing software for Mac. The company is engaged in selling advanced photo editing software for amateur and professional photographers. The primary goal of Brain Fever Media is to research the market and come out with the best technology in the software industry.

Their products include:

Anamorphic Pro


It is an upgraded lens blur software which will enable the users to edit their iPhone portrait mode photos on the Mac. This professional photo editing tool transforms the ordinary photo into the cinematic one.

Depthcam Pro

Depthcam Pro

Depthcam Pro is again a professional photo editing software which helps in perfect editing the portrait mode photos. The software is extremely easy to use and is quite similar to Photoshop.

Lensflare Studio

Lensflare Studio

This app is mainly used for adding optical effect to the photos. The app is featured with more than 100 of optical effects which literally gives the professional output.

Skylab Studio

Skylab Studio

This app is created for the Mac users which has a huge collection of curated skies starting from sunny, rainy. cloudy, night to the stormy shots. The edited photos exactly provide realistic effects. There are even some additional elements which can be added at the time of editing.

Reflect Studio

This app provides the watery reflection to the photos by creating artistic objects. This app is very easy to use as other software and contains more than 30 presets.

Circular Studio

The circular app is one of the most strong “tiny planet” app for the Mac users which consist of powerful features to make the sky objects more attractive.

So this was all about the short description of the company and its other products.

What does LensLight Visual Effects do?

LensLight Visual Effects helps the users in editing their photos and videos in improving their aesthetic quality. Once the editing is being done, the editors can save, as well as export the edited output.

Earlier when the editors used to spend several hours in editing the photos or videos in Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro or Lightroom, but now with the use of this app, they can be able to edit both photos and videos instantly. Basically, it is a one-stop destination for editing purpose. With just a few clicks the users can be able to adjust saturation, adding filters, white balance, add presets and add lens blur, etc. Along with these it also comes with a various selection of lights which include Light Leaks, Bokeh, Spotlights, LensFlares as well as Rainbow Effects.

This iPhone photo editor app is quite different than any other apps meaning unlike any other apps which are featured with the static layers of grunge or glare, this app uses unique Optics Engine for rendering the lights in real-time. This gives the quality illumination effects to the output. The lens flare can be moved all-around across the photos. This feature is exactly the same as the LensFlare Studio which is a well-known Pro Mac app.

LensLight Visual Effects produces a high-quality photo with the resolution up to 3072 * 3072 pixels or 9 megapixels. The photos edited by this app can easily be posted on Instagram. Not only this but also the portrait mode images can be posted without cropping if the users wish to upload the full image in social media networks. Coming back to the Lens Flare effects, let us talk about it broadly.

Adding Flair with Flares

The images clicked in the presence of real light sources which include a spotlight, sunlight or the headlight of a car usually offers the best results. However, to give the cinematic touch to the image, the users need to take the help of LensFlare effects.

Here the editors need to apply the glares as well as flares in moderation for the purpose of adding life to the image. The cinematic output that the users will be getting is really worth the money. All you need to do is apply the flares and glares effect on the real light source for getting the perfect output. One more that you can apply is just placing them out of the picture frame. This trick will add the splashes and licks of the light provided all across the lens.

We all know about the Bokeh effects which most of the editors make use of these days. This app is also featured with this tool. All you need to do is use the Bokeh effects all over the edges of the light sources. This will provide standard output and amazing luminosity.

If you are a professional editor and is bored out using these effects or want to make more cinematic output. Well not to worry, you can buy various packs to add more additional tools such as Sun Pack or Flare Pack with the help of in-app purchases. This will help you in getting completely a new set of effects which you can make use of efficiently. The Flare pack consist of vibrant flare such as Radiance, Shimmer as well as Fashion Shoot.

As you start getting accustomed to all these tools, you will start to know what the particular tool functions. And hence, you can specifically start developing your the choice of go-to looks as well as tools which perfectly suits as per your photography or videography style.

It is completely worth playing with all these effects for examining how each of the effect looks like as well as how it affects various types of photos. By editing the photos you can be able to see what changes it has made to the original image. If you have a lack of natural light then LensLight is present to help you out while editing by providing extra drama to your video or image.

Where to download LensLight Visual Effects?

LensLight Visual Effects work with iOS. The users can easily download photo video editor app from the Apple App Store iPhone or iPad or tablets. This best video editing app for iPhone is gradually rising in terms of app ratings which played a primary role in becoming one of the best photo as well as video editing apps for iOS. The users will have full access to each and every tool at any time.

What makes LensLight Visual Effects different from others?

In terms of photo and video editing app, we feel that LensLight Visual Effects comes with lots of benefits. The app is really very impressive for the amount of photo and video manipulation control it provides to the users. It has lots of amazing tools and effects that are mostly used for professional photo editing. As per the user interface, it is not at all complicated and is extremely easy to understand.

Now let us have a look at a few photo editors and see how LensLight Visual Effects compare in terms of features and ease of use.

Which are better LensLight Visual Effects or Photoshop/Lightroom?

Both LensLight Visual Effects or Lightroom/Photoshop are the fully licensed professional photo editing apps. LensLight Visual Effects’ editing tools are quite similar in terms of some of the features found in the professional photo editors as well as the costly image or video editors. Both Photoshop, as well as Lightroom, are the most preferred editors for all the professional photographers for some of the reasons. As they are featured with customizable tools which help the users to have full control over the final photo.

What LensLight Visual Effects do is add the most professional tools from such software by making them easily accessible to the normal people which makes it easy to use the app. Basically its a kind of mini professional app including all the basic functions needed for the good quality photo editors. Like Lightroom, LensLight Visual Effects also featured with lots of amazing effects among which some of them are paid if the users intend to add more professional touch to the photo.

On the other hand, Photoshop is more like photo editing software. The software is mainly used not only by the photographers but also by the architects, designers as well as image professionals. Lightroom mainly uses all the tools of Photoshop in the condensed form and is specifically used for photographers.

Which is better LensLight Visual Effects or VSCO?

VSCO, as well as LensLight Visual Effects, are listed on the top in terms of app ratings and both of them work really very well. What VSCO does is the users can choose the settings before capturing the photo. They can set the aperture, brilliance, exposure, etc before taking the snap. Yes, it is true that the user needs to have photography skills to know how to use the settings.

In short, VSCO is basically a camera app. On the other hand, LensLight Visual Effects is more of a photo or video editing app.

In VSCO, the users need to take an annual subscription for unlocking the advanced features. But before that, the users get 7 days of a free trial while signing up just to get a glance. But to enjoy all its features, the users need to subscribe to it annually.

LensLight Visual Effects provides as it needs only one-time payment and the users can get amazing features.

Which are better LensLight Visual Effects or Leak.ly Bokeh Photo Effects?

Both LensLight Visual Effects, as well as Leak.ly Bokeh Photo Effects, are head to head in the top app ratings in the Apple Store. But we cannot really compare a free app to a fully licensed professional editing app. LensLight Visual Effects’ editing tools are quite close in terms of some features. However, LensLight Visual Effects is more than a photo and video editor. It is an all in one editing app which is specifically developed for both photographers as well as videographers. In terms of size, LensLight Visual Effects consumes less space as compared to the Leak.ly Bokeh Photo Effects. Also to unlock other features of Leak.ly Bokeh Photo Effects, the users have to pay money for each and every tool which seems to be very expensive. On the other hand, LensLight Visual Effects comes with only a one-time payment.

How to download LensLight Visual Effects in iOS mobile?

Check out the steps given below on how to download LensLight Visual Effects in iOS mobile:

  • Go to Apple’s App Store and type LensLight Visual Effects in the search box.
  • After you get the app, you will get a hyperlink through which you can download the app into your iOS mobile.
  • Click on the Download Button for getting the latest version of LensLight Visual Effects software.
  • Finally, install the app and enjoy the benefits of LensLight Visual Effects app.

Our Final Take

Our final verdict regarding LensLight Visual Effects? Yes, it is worth the hype.

This is because:

  • It provides what it promises and is featured with lots of professional effects.
  • The app is great for the beginner as well as the newbie photographers and videographers who are in search of enhancing their editing skills.
  • It is a quite user-friendly app.
  • Provides cinematic output.

Talking about the beginners who have just started learning to edit, LensLight Visual Effects can be one of the best photo editing apps for iPhone to get started with. You can be able to learn a lot about editing in terms of adjustments, effects or filters. What we liked about this iPhone video editor is that it can be easily used by amateurs, intermediate beginners and even by the professionals.

It will enhance the look of the original photo. All you need to do is make sure to click well-focused as well as a well-exposed photo and shoot perfect videos shot so that you can get a well-edited output.

Most of the photos or videos these days need some edits and LensLight Visual Effects app come with such common edits as well in the basic tools and looks which are said to be on the pro level.

It is an amazing iPhone photo editor app which we highly recommend taking some time for learning, especially if you are a beginner. We assure you that it can definitely meet all your expectations and improve your editing skills.

LensLight Visual Effects equally helps the professional editors as well especially for those who are in search of an easy program for making small edits.

We highly recommend to give this video editor for iPhone video to give a try and take time for learning how to use it perfectly. As we already said, it is a user-friendly app to get started with and will need just a short learning period. Experimenting with various one-click effects and also with some other customizable editing tools. When you start learning to use such minute things, you will come to know that you are stepping ahead in the editing game.