learn the lingo: common gaming terms that you should know

Playing video games is not as simple as it looks and was in back days. There were a party or solo games, a controller and at the end of the day, just you and the console that often chewed up wire. As we all know that, in this world of popularity and rapidly accelerating telecommunication technology, we have managed to reach out to others who enjoy our passions all across oceans and continents. Are you the longtime gamer who do not understand the kids’ funny gaming terms or lingo? For all those who do not play video games, the world of call of duty and final fantasy must seem totally alien and this is fine. So longs as you remain disinterested in video games.


All hobbies have their own terminology, sets of words and phrases which are only known to those actively involved as gaming are not the exception. There are common online gaming terms which can be widely used all across the online multiplayer games. Every game has its own specific terms depending upon the genre and gameplay itself. From which most of these specific terms are something which you will understand and pick up as you won’t be totally lost and unable to communicate with your teammates.

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Let us learn the Lingo: common gaming terms that you should know while playing the games for a better chance of winning and defeating your competitor and learning competitive gaming terms as:

  • Easter Egg
  • FPS
  • Glitches
  • DLC
  • Camper
  • Build
  • Bots 
  • AAA
  • Grinding
  • Clan
  • Spammer
  • Metagame 

Learn the Lingo: Common Gaming Terms that You Should Know

Easter Egg

This is usually irrelevant but an interesting hidden feature of the game. They are a good foundation for memes and are often subtle references to politics or pop culture. This can be often founded on social media or YouTube mocking them for the sake of it.


FPS generally stands for First Person Shooter which is the term that refers to the genre in which you can see the world with the help of your own eyes of your character. These are commonly shown for weapon floating around you in front of your eyes. The most common display has the selected firm as the main visual interface in this game.


This word is mainly used in gaming culture and even professionally (both) which is actually used to describe the certain graphics lag or bugs in the game. Yes, quality assurance is not always very much reliable or assured in the game.

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DLC which stands for downloadable content which is the term that applies to all the additional content that can be purchased online or can be downloaded onto your system. This also includes new levels, charters, costumes, etc. This option is not provided in the original game and is purchased separately.


Camper is primarily used in the online shooter to refer the people who stand, sit or lie still rather than move around the map. This term is frowned upon and takes the camper out of the game which is very satisfying. This is like a nuisance and the one who remains stationary in one point of the map and often shoot passing players while they are idle all around.


This is another gamer term 2019 which is the specific character collection of items/skills etc for the particular purpose.


Rather than playing versus other live human players such as yourself, the artificially intelligent bots are programmed to play against you. This is often offered as an alternative option to live multiplayer and this is one of the common in the single-player game. This can be great practice in tutorials for when you need to face off against the real players.


AAA stands for triple-A which is usually wonderful crafted, critically acclaimed release with the big fanfare and even bigger budget. This game describes triple AAA if it has the big budget a lot of backing and received almost universal praise from the fans and the critics as well.


Grinding is another gaming lingo term which is the act of plugging away at the certain element of the game. In this, you can raise your experience level in RPG by continually getting into random fights with the monsters.


Most of the team based gamer acronyms have the clans, that are disparate groups of friends or strangers who come together to form the team. These can match are when two clans face off against each other.

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MMORPG stands for the massively multiplayer online player game which refers to the game such as World of Warcraft that sees millions of people to occupy the same game world at one single point of time.


The spammer is another common reference to the online shooters and another major nuisance. These are players who go berserk on their opponents and will shoot anyone and anything without keeping them on their priority basis.


This term is commonly referred to as Meta in the multiplayer game which is the term that is quite complex to understand by the users. Its philosophy claims to define it as the game within the game where you as the gamer can prepare your character by maintaining the high level of skill and accordingly strengthen them to match the opponent’s weakness. This is because you are approaching the game from outside its own environment.


This is the set of the list that explains the common and the funny gaming lingo terms to be used in games which thousands of gamers have put together to communicate their requirements more expressively.