CES (CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW) is the most crucial consumer technology show. CES always served as proving ground for Innovators and launching next-gen products. CES is an incredibly exciting event for both technology media and fans of tech watching from afar via live streams and press coverage. Here are given a list of Gadgets shown on the second day of CES show in Las Vegas, 2020:


The hundred-dollar headset will have excellent sound quality, noise-canceling, water resistance, and call clarity. It could also bend like a pipe cleaner. These are the most flexible headphones. The ProComm 2 look durable enough to wear as a bracelet, cram in a pocket, stuff in a purse of any size, or wind around your backpack strap.


Lenovo’s Smart Frame is a digital photo frame that’s the screen doesn’t look like a screen rather than its display looks like a physical print. The companion app lets you cycle through photos and art, or connect it to services like Google Photos to automatically pull photos from your cloud library. You can pop the 21.5-inch screen on an easel, leaning against a wall, or mount it. If you go for the latter option, the mounting system is intuitive, allowing you to rotate the frame to a horizontal orientation easily. It comes out with its microphone and speakers. Lenovo said these components don’t do anything at the moment. Still, the company hopes it can add Google Assistant or Alexa via an update, turning the Smart Frame into a massive smart display. It costs $399 and comes out in August.


The Forty-nine feet wingspan of the air taxi that Hyundai and Uber hung from the rafters. There are four rotors used for lift and four tilt-rotors used to maneuver, all electrically driven. The cab is piloted by one person and able to swallow four passengers, it’ll take them up to 180 mph or, at a more economical speed, 62 miles. Typical cruising speed is 150 mph. The fuselage is 5.25 feet wide and the foot-and-a-half wider than a cramped Cessna light airplane cabin where you sit thigh-to-thigh. Its flyover noise will be as loud as a refrigerator, i.e., less than 55 decibels.


The upcoming Soul Blade could be the ultimate runners’ headphones. The headphones have a built-in heart rate monitor, cadence sensor, and can even tell you when your head angle doesn’t seem right, all via a very comprehensive mobile app. Once you track your run, they’ll give you helpful feedback: They told the PR person demoing them that he runs with his legs too far apart.


Google loves a good trade show gimmick. This year Google comes with a slide. Google’s latest “ride” doesn’t sound as exciting, but it’s a bit nerve-racking as you’re sliding down in front of CES attendees and photographers galore. If you’re anything like me (and I hope you aren’t), you’ll spend 15 minutes coming up with the best pose as you ride down to show people that yes, you’re still very fresh.