Applications are the core of your phone. These are the things that add extra features to your phone and make it more exciting. Each application is specially designed to accomplish a goal you ask it to. There are all sorts of apps floating on the internet. Like- apps for flight booking, apps for ordering food. There are apps for even simple things like a calculator

If you want to download apps for your phone, you can find some fantastic apps on TweakBox. It is an app installer that opens your doors to numerous applications. On TweakBox App, you can scroll through a list of categories and choose the application you want to install on your device. It is that simple! With TweakBox, you get the biggest application libraries to choose from. Seven million satisfied users cannot be wrong about TweakBox! It is a third-party application that allows you to have access to numerous applications. And not only that, you get unmatched security as well! TweakBox is one such application, but are there more? Does iOS support such a third-party application? If yes, then let’s learn about some apps which have a striking resemblance to TweakBox.

App Valley

App Valley is a secure place where you can choose and install applications. It is compatible with both iPads and iPhones. On App valley, you will find applications that are either cracked of tweaked. Moreover, you get to download them for free! Being a third party application, App Valley allows you to download all sorts of applications with ease.

Along with this, the security of your phone is intact. And it is also fascinating how big this App store is. There is nothing that you won’t find here!


TuTuApp provides stable and secure downloads. You can assess tons of applications through the doors of TuTuApp. It is more beneficial for iOS users, as this application market place is enormous! And in addition to this, you don’t need to log into this application through your Apple ID. The speed that this application provides is commendable. TuTuApp also tries to create a secure download space so that all your personal information is safe. On TuTuApp, you get a cracked version of many paid apps. All apps are fun until you have to pay for them!

TuTuApp has built its reputation by making sure that the customers get- fast and secure downloads. The quality of service is not compromised at all.


Appcake hasn’t been around for long but has still managed to gather a loyal fan following. The users of Appcake are delighted with the excellent app service provided by Appcake. It is an app like Tweakbox, which allows you to download and install third-party applications on your phones. You get cracked IPA versions, which means you don’t need to pay even a penny for it! Another great thing about this app is the cool and interactive interface. The Top20 list on Appcake is updated every week. 

Appcake is available only for those iOS devices which possess jailbreak. It is the only drawback of this application. Appcake works to bring the best apps to its users.


Kuaiyong is one more app that resembles TweakBox. And being an app like TweakBox, Kuaiyong brings to its customers a wide range of applications. All these apps are pre-paid apps that are made available to you for free! The installation of Kuaiyong has seen a steep rise since the introduction of Apple iOS version 9.2. For Apple iOS version 9.2, Kuaiyong can be installed with ease and does not demand the presence of jailbreak. The key selling point of Kuaiyong is that it helps you install hundreds of applications on your device without the need of jailbreak. The major drawback of this application is that it is available only in a Chinese format. Although developers are working on an English version of the same. Let’s hope we see it soon!


The best thing about PandaApp is the excellent interface it offers. It is user-friendly and straightforward. All you need to do is search for the app that you want and download it. You can also choose to stroll through the homepage and gather information about an app before downloading it. PandaApp is essentially a website that allows you to download the IPA file on your computer. And eventually on your smartphone. Besides applications, you can also download music for your iPod. PandaApp has many features for computers like- safe contact backup, personalized multi-media management, new subscription convenience, and many more.


HiPStore is available for both Android and iOS devices. Being an app like TweakBox, HiPStore helps you download many applications for free. The cracked version of many applications is available on this App Store. The best thing about HiPStore is that many paid apps are available for free here, and you don’t need jailbreak to install them. HiPStore also updates its applications as often as possible to improve customer experience.


iTongPush is available in a website format and possesses all the apps which are available on the App Store. And taking things a step further, iTongPush has all these apps for free. Apps and games all are available free of cost. And an additional benefit is that this application is available in an English format. An English form improves the chances of this application being accessed by the masses. iTongPush, just like many other applications here, does not require a jailbreak to function. Although iTongPush requires some apps to work correctly. Like- iTunes, TongBu, iFunBox, and SynciOS.


This app works on both android and iOS devices. Considering iOS, allows you to download applications on both jailbreak and non-jailbreak iDevices. Another thing that people find interesting is the professional appearance of this app store. Zeusmos has a lot of applications for you, but unfortunately, all of them are not free. Zeusmos is not a paid third-party application.

We all want to install different types of apps on our phones. We want to improve its functionality but adding new features. And this is made possible by Apps. There are many third-party app stores available for iOS which provide a wide range of applications for free. Besides this, these app stores offer secure download and fast access to some of the best applications.