Apple has announced the release date of iOS 13 in the launch event of iPhone 11 in Cupertino, California. Not only this but also the brand has revealed about the release of its iPadOS. Having said that Apple has not revealed anything about the release of macOS 10.15. Let us have a look at the details of the release of iOS 13 and iPadOS.

Release date and time of iOS 13

The official iOS release date is Thursday which s September 19 and the users will easily download the operating system all across the world from the first day itself. The most compatible devices for iOS 13 are the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone SE as well as the iPod touch of 7th generation.

iOS 13 features on iPhone 11 series

Few new additional features have been geared up with the announcement of the new iPhone 11 phones. As we all know that the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro as well as iPhone 11 Pro Max are known for the best cameras but the iOS 13 software provides itself to the new wide lens as well as the special night mode features. The front TrueDepth camera situated on the iPhone 11 series has the capability to capture wide-angle selfies when the user holds it in the landscape mode and even have the potential to record up to 4K 60fps videos.

Not only this but also the iPhone 11 exclusive phone are featured with capture the attractive looking slo-mo video with the help of the front camera.

Dark Mode of iOS 13

The dark mode of iOS 13 has the capability of changing the hues from bright white t light grey to black as well as dark grey an each and every supported apps. This feature is amazing when you use this phone at night and generally tend to avoid bright light. This dark mode even also saves the battery life on the OLED equipped iPhones.

The Dark Mode of iOS 13 can be turned on in Control Center situated just inside the Display slider. You can even schedule it through the custom time.

FaceTime attention correction

If the users are looking straight into the selfie camera during the time of FaceTime video call when they are looking at the adjacent screen. That distracted look can be past.

iOS 13 on iPad is iPadOS is a key factor

One of the biggest changes for the iOS 13 on the iPad will be coming in the update known as iPadOS. The brand means to say that the iPad wants its own platform. There will be improvements to the iPad workflow with the redesigned home screen. Apart from this, the slide over will let the users in having multiple apps open and cycle them. The users can even preview them all at once by swiping. This can be a multi-tasking factor.

There is also an enhancement of Spit View which will let the users un opening one app on both sides of the screen. You can even pair one app with multiple apps.

App Expose has also been newly introduced to the iPad software which will let the users seeing all the space when they open it. They will be getting an App Expose icon on the Dock. This is required a single press for getting into the convenient overview mode.

Additionally, copy, paste as well as undo options are going to be introduced in the iPadOS. The keyboard of Apple can now float all around the screen in the smaller size and is introducing a swiping gesture keyboard which is known as QuickPath Typing.

Introduction of ‘Find My App’

The California Based company has now combined Find My Friends as well as Find My iPhone in iOS 13. The union will let the users locating their friends as well as the missing gadgets with the help of faster and a user-friendly interface. The app has worked a lot in making a bigger push in getting location track with this new app.

Announcement of iPadOS

Apple has taken a big step in towards boosting productivity on the iPad by announcing a dedicated iPadOS. The iPadOS is a specific OS which has been tailor-made for iPad. This is featured with a new home screen, upgraded files, multitasking features as well as high editing experience.

It is made for getting advantage of the larger screen by showing more icons. Along with this, there are new multitasking gestures available such as drop spilt view for opening apps multiple apps as we have mentioned above.

Not only this but also the iPadOS have made the use of Apple Pencil versatile as it comes with a wide range of tools such as eraser, rulers and lots more. It will be supported on iPad Air 2 and all the iPad Pro models, iPad Mini 4, as well as iPad 5th generation and all the later models in the series, are also in the queue in getting the free iPadOS upgrade. iPadOs will be released on September 30.