iOS 12 Releases Today: Here Are the Features

ios 12 release date

The official iOS 12 is releasing today, and while we don’t know at what time, we do have information about all the features it is coming out with. iOS 12 will give your old iPhone a new life with all the latest features onboard. So if you want to avoid the pricey update of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, upgrade your iPhone with iOS 12. TechRadar reported the use of iOS 12 beta for three months and named it a better performing operating system in old phones than iOS 11.

So, let’s roll down to the features iOS 12 will offer.


Good and Bad in iOS 12

Good: With the introduction of Grouped Notifications, the UI is easier to navigate. Moreover, the Siri Shortcuts will save you a lot of time.

Bad: Group FaceTime won’t be a part of the release. You can expect it to come in iOS 12.1 in somewhere around the end of this October.

iOS 12 Performance

The new iOS update centralizes on the performance and reliability. It will support all the iPhones and iPads that worked with iOS 11. To take a name, Apple claimed that iOS 12 makes iPhone 6 Plus 40% faster at app launch, 50% faster in keyboard displaying, and 70% faster in camera app launch. While keyboard typing and other regular tasks used to slow down in older iPhones with iOS updates, Apple is looking to change it with iOS 12, focusing solely on the performance and reliability.

iOS 12 is Less Annoying Than iPhone X

There are two features we hated in iOS 11 of iPhone X. First, the long press on apps, to see the small red close icons and close them. It’s annoying before iOS 12 fixed it and now sliding up on an open app will close it.

Secondly, there was a feature on the volume up and power button to “take a new screenshot”. It was so annoying that even while picking up our iPhone X, the Photos app used to fill with errant screenshots. Thanks to iOS 12, there will be no screenshots taken when the screen will be off.

iOS 12 Compatibility

All the devices with 64-bit chipset will be compatible with iOS 12. The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR will have iOS 12 out of the box. This also implies that people with an iPhone 5S and newer will be able to upgrade their phones with iOS 12 whereas, iPad mini 2 and iPad Air will be the oldest iPads compatible with iOS 12.

ARKit 2 and Multiplayer Gaming

iOS 12 will push Apple as a leader in augmented reality (AR). How? With Shared Experienced feature in ARKit 2, that will boast groundbreaking multiplayer capabilities. ARKit 2 will open AR to millions of Apple users and will make iOS 12 the widest AR platform around the globe. Multi-user virtual environment is going to bring a lot of things to an advance gameplay.

The 911 Call

US residents will have another advantage with iOS 12. Now, while calling emergency services, you don’t have to recite your location, thanks to iOS 12. Apple claimed that your phone will safely and automatically share your iPhone location in case of emergency calls to the first responder. The service is created to reduce emergency response times.

Other iOS 12 Features

There are literally a ton of other features focused on ease of access. From iPhone grouped notifications, to camera app changes, to Siri enhancements, and many more things, iOS 12 will make your iPhone more useful. Not only that, Apple has even introduced a weekly activity summary so that you can monitor your phone usage and use it less. Let’s see how people respond to the new upgrade and how Android plans to answer iOS 12.