InMind Virtual Reality Apps for Kids

InMind Virtual Reality Apps for Kids

Everything You Should Know About InMind Virtual Reality Apps

An experimental project by Nival, InMind, is an arcade game VR with a major twist. This arcade game is as different and unique in comparison to other games as it gets. This game doesn’t shoot war armies or Balloons and balls of the same color this app actually takes you inside the human brain. Yes, you got that right and we don’t mean in the “getting in my head manner”.

InMind Virtual Reality Apps for Kids

The goal of this arcade game is to find defected neurons that lead to mental disorder inside the human brain. With this VR app, one can submerge themselves in the microparticle world and understand the weird and unimaginable happenings of the human brain.

Supported on the Windows (VR), Mac and Linus OS versions this app provide an extremely comfortable VR experience. You get to enter the world of neurons and pacify them to stop them from spreading the disease to other neurons. It also includes features like increasing your rating by replaying the game. This app along with its second part In Mind 2 can be used in various VR gears including Oculus, HTC Vivo, Steam, Samsung Gear etc. Having said this, this game is also playable without any special viewer but it definitely won’t give you that a mind-boggling experience.

It can be accessed by the links given below and is absolutely free to use.


This easy to use the app though introduced as a game opens our minds to the usage of VR in a completely different manner. If you give it a though these types of apps show us a gateway to an innovative future in the healthcare industry. Started as a kids app this app actually holds potential to grow into something much bigger than just a kids arcade game. The possibilities and imagination of this app are endless. With the help of nanotechnology, a surgical prototype bathyscaphe can allow its operator to shrink to the micro level and travel through the patient’s body. This can answer multiple unanswered questions of the working of the human body and give medical research a boost in the perfect direction.
Though for now since this application is restricted to gaming level it can be of utmost use to kids in thoroughly understanding the working of the brain and its functions, as complex as they may seem, in a fun and entertaining manner. The attractive and engaging visuals of this app keep the children enraptured and the arcade game adds a touch of fun to it. It won’t just aid in learning but also motivate the child to learn and understand more about the brain and its working.

The users of this application have nothing but appreciation for it and are waiting to get more of it.

Having given 5-star rating Afreen Ans, on iTunes, says “A very good game to play. Super graphics and I love this game a lot … must play”. Brent D Allesandro on talkandroid specifically mentions this app to be his favorite as “it has everything you want in a virtual reality game. The graphics are good, the controls are great, and, above everything else, it’s just fun to play.

What else would you want to hear before using an application? Get started with this small piece of the future, educate your children and get immersed in the undiscovered world of a human brain. Happy Learning.