The name Pokemon Go can still raise ears of many mobile gamers. Niantic Inc. witnessed overnight success two years back in 2016 when Pokemon Go went on to set a record of getting 50 million downloads in just 19 days. But as game’s popularity started fading, Niantic started planning something different and the developer is back with a reboot version of Pokemon Go incorporated in the original version Ingress Prime. It is officially launching on app stores today after being in function on beta version since 2012.

Ingress Prime: The Pokemon Go Reboot Launches on Official App Stores

First designed and launched six years back, Ingress originally was built on the idea of taking players outside in hunt of virtual objects using Augmented Reality. With this launch on official app stores, the company is hoping that it will be easy to get players onboard and the original version will have more success.

What’s New in Ingress Prime

With Prime, Ingress is rebooted a little getting a whole new story but still centered entirely on the exotic matter collection.

Among the two factions, the Enlightened and the Resistance, players will join one. Every three months, one of those two will win and as a result, the story will change. The game runs on the similar Pokemon Go mechanism where users travel around in real life to collect virtual objects on their smartphones through GPS. Though, the core focus is securing your territory than just collecting objects.

Ingress Prime tails down the idea of keeping things uncomplicated like the original. It will focus on keeping the sign-up process easy for new players and also letting them easily understand the gaming ins and outs. For that, the company is bringing more advanced tutorials. These tutorials will not only help you at the start of the game but they will be with you if you come around any puzzle at any stage of the game.

“After listening to feedback and pushing back our launch as a result, we were able and will continue to address gameplay design and quality concerns from our playtest communities. We also implemented critical learnings gained from Pokémon GO and Ingress to publish an experience we are proud of. We’ve spent six years working to build upon the Ingress world, and we are excited to share how Ingress Prime has innovated upon the original’s massively multiplayer gameplay, narrative integration, and real-world experiences for both new and veteran Agents,” quoted the Niantic Labs blog sharing the news of the launch on App Store and Google Play.

Ingress Prime: The Pokemon Go Reboot Launches on Official App Stores

In order to give a try to the game, just turn on the App Store in case you have Apple iPhone or Play Store in case you have an Android and download the game. The signup is made easy through either Facebook or Google. The returning players are in for many perks in the game. Apple users can click here to download Ingress Prime from App Store and the Android user can click here to download Ingress Prime from Google Play.