Ever since the internet has come into existence, it has only grown. There was a time when there were only a handful of websites on the internet. But we are way past that phase. Over the past few years, the internet has exploded. And now, it holds millions of websites and blogs. The increasing digitalization has made it easy for people to host their websites independently on the internet. 

Be it a corporation, a company, or just some random individual; nowadays, it is not tough to launch your website. It is incredibly simple and the good thing- you can make money from it. It is the prime reason why people start a blog or a website. They attract customers and up your sales by a considerable proportion. 

But to attract customers, you need a beautiful website- something attractive that people are naturally drawn to. Appearance is the first thing that someone is going to notice. And no matter what, you need to be prepared with your website. The presentation is everything. One shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but this is seldom true. In the digital world, all that matters is appearance. Online, people are like ants- drawn to beautiful websites like its sugar. And you need to use this to your advantage.

What is Famous?

Now that we have established how important the appearance of a website is, you must understand that creating a website is not easy. A lot of engineering and hard work goes into making a website. That is just for a plain basic looking website. If you want something more, you need- extra time and extra money. So, in short, it is tough to build a charming site.

To solve these problems, Famous has come up with a new concept. Famous is a free app creator, which allows you to design apps and websites with ease. The interface of Famous is incredibly simple, which will enable you to bring your version of a website into reality. The prime objective of Famous is to help you create sites and apps with ease. No compromises are made on the part of appearance or experience. 

You might be under the notion that a free app creation platform won’t offer enough services, or the quality would be inadequate. You are absolutely wrong here! Even though Famous allows you to create apps for free, it does not mean that you would get any less. The features that Famous has to offer are incredible and comparable to the ones provided by paid platforms. Why pay when you can do everything for free?

How is Famous different?

Famous is 100% free. But besides this, Famous is also very easy to operate. It is a boon for those people who want to launch their website but don’t have the time or patience to build one. In reality, building a website doesn’t come cheap, and requires a lot of time. But when people want money, who has the time to wait?

Famous is an excellent alternative for people who cannot afford Adobe. Adobe indeed has some fantastic features to offer, but sometimes it is just out of our budget. A lot of coding is also involved in app and web development. If you have a code phobia and don’t want to waste your time figuring our codes, then Famous is here to help you. 

And you are in this field for the long run and don’t want to be restricted by the limited tools offered by Wix or WordPress; Famous is your best choice. 

User-friendly software

This free app creation software has been developed to offer an easy-going experience. The best thing is, all computers can access Famous. You don’t need special software to run it. And with Famous, you can compile your dream website in minutes. It helps you generate professional-looking web pages and apps. These apps and websites can be published on any social media platform or on the internet itself. 

The interface of Famous is incredibly simple and easy to operate. You can add as many pages as you want. Famous allows you to design a mobile, tablet, or desktop level website without much efforts. It is easy to modify. You can add all kinds of texts, images, animations, and even videos. With Famous, there are no limitations.

Pre-made Templates

Famous offers free app create templates. These mesmerizing templates provide ease to your web building experience. Browse through all the models and pick one that you like. The great thing is you can build on it. Pick a template, delete what you don’t like, add what you like. In simple terms, you get to personalize. In the end, you will get a website that suits all your needs. Besides templates, there are hundreds of animations and pre-design components. 

Using these templates, you can save a lot of time. And also design mobile apps, social posts, portfolios, presentations, and many other things. And all this is possible within minutes.

Mobile support

Good things with Famous never end. Famous allows you to preview and even made modifications to your web or app design via phone. And the fantastic thing is you don’t need an app or software for this. All you need to do is scan the QR code displayed on the design screen. Once your phone has scanned it, Famous will allow you to connect and modify your saved template.


Famous has revolutionized the process of website and app creations. It is true that with technological advancement, it has become easier to build and publish websites. But Famous has taken things to a whole new level. And the best thing about Famous is that it is free. You don’t need to spend a penny on building your dream app. Just put your vision into it, and Famous will make it a reality.

Furthermore, unlimited templates and free resources make it easier to generate a realistic website. And things are not limited to web pages and apps. Via Famous, you can create social media posts, online ads, landing pages, and presentations. You can do almost anything with Famous!