Ever thought of the multi-DSLR level 3D photography from your smartphone? Well, Huawei Technologies Co. is thinking of this. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer is planning to uncover a new phone with the ability to click three-dimensional photos.

3D Camera Coming Soon From Huawei

The news was confirmed by officials related to the project. This new smartphone was code-named Princeton internally and is about to launch this month later. A source from inside the company revealed that the device is planned to go on sale within few weeks and this new feature, dubbed as “3D Camera” at Huawei, will be the main attraction of the smartphone. The technology leverages sensors from Sony Corp. to measure the accurate distance of the object by bouncing light rays off the surface.

This new feature is coming at a critical juncture when the smartphone world is facing a downfall in demand as customers find very few reasons to upgrade to new smartphones. Huawei is putting efforts to defeat close competitions that include Apple Inc. as well as the Chinese smartphone giants such as Oppo, Vivo, etc. Generating 3D models of objects, the largest smartphone seller after Samsung globally will try to win the market share and boost sales.

Yusuke Toyoda, a sensors analyst at Fuji Chimera Research Inc. in Tokyo, said, “This is technology that has never been seen before and, at the extreme, has the potential to change how we view the world.”

A Huawei spokesman first denied any comments on the new but then said that company generally never respond to speculations and rumors. Whereas, Sony declined to say anything.

According to one of the people from inside, the camera set up on the device will not only generate 3D pictures, but it will be able to make 3D models of people as well as objects that afterward will be usable by augmented reality apps. The person further added that this camera feature will also let developers control the games and apps in new ways, for example, hand gestures. However, the source also said that the final product is yet to come since developers are still working on it and you might find some features different from said speculations.

Sony Sensors and 3D Images

If Huawei succeeds in pulling off such a camera with accuracy and speed, it will not just get out one smartphone model with it. We should get ready to for several new plans from the Chinese manufacturer in 2019.

Sony is the global leader in image-sensors in regular cameras. Something like 3D cameras will not only amaze everyone but will generate billions of revenue for the company. The company has been promptly stepping up the technological development after it bought the Brussels-based Softkinetic three years back in 2015. The company has been working on time-of-flight technology from Belgian startup with its own semiconductor manufacturing expertise since 2015 in order to create 3D chips that can be small enough to fit inside a smartphone.

What is the Difference Between Apple’s FaceID and Sony’s Time-of-Flight Sensors

Notably, Apple’s FaceID facial recognition also sports 3D sensors to unlock iPhones with a face. But it relies on a totally different Structured Light technology which is capable of measure depth through on very short distances. Sony, with time-of-flight sensors, has achieved it for longer distances. The Tokyo-based multi-tech company last year showed off the technology in its own Xperia device that was able to capture 3D pictures and models. However, that were not the time-of-flight sensors, said a person close to the matter.