It is not new to the Android industry that someone is following Apple. Other OEMs have been following every trend by iPhone manufacturer for years. It happened with Touch ID, it happened with FaceID and recently we saw how Samsung also removed the 3.5mm headphone port. It happened with the notch displays too and the latest follow up reported is the AirPods. Before the launch of Huawei Mate 20 Pro, there were rumors of an accessory that will be charged wirelessly by the device. Finally, that specific accessory is out named as Huawei Freebuds 2 Pro and the built pretty much revolves around Apple’s AirPods.

However, we are nowhere saying that Huawei Freebuds 2 is a bad idea. History has also witnessed how ideas of Apple have been implemented well by others. But many Android users have casually used the AirPods and the only reviews this gadget is known for is lack of innovation and design.

In any case, Huawei’s Freebuds 2 Pro wireless earbuds are in news from months. These were expected to be released before the launch of Mate 20 Pro. The dates of Huawei Mate 20 Pro came close and people started believing that the company will probably launch Freebuds 2 Pro alongside the new flagship device Mate 20 Pro which turned out to be wrong.

How Huawei’s Freebuds 2 Pro differ from Apple AirPods

In the news since September, these were seen nowhere in the launch event of Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro held halfway through October. The launch event had ups and downs of the new flagship device. The special Nano SIM slot was appreciated by everyone around but the most surprising thing was the absence of the previously leaked and rumored Freebuds 2 Pro.

The flagship launch event would have been a great place to introduce a new device but the company had different plans. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has released this accessory this week in China for 999 yuan. Now, when we said they are built around AirPods’ design, they actually have quite a resemblance to the Apple sound gadgets. But surprisingly, Huawei has managed to make it more impressive as we expected. The technology inside the Freebuds 2 Pro is entirely different from Apple Airpods.

The Chinese smartphone giant has focused more on the bone conductivity that enables the earbuds to match up the bone sound pattern of whoever speaks to them. This is something similar to Google voice match feature. In simple language, Freebuds 2 Pro identifies the sound of their owner and perform accurately to their particular voice. These earbuds have integration of WeChat Pay and Alipay with biometric identification of the voice, which adds another convenience layer for users. They are currently available for purchase on vmall, tmall,, and