Huawei Android Alternative ‘HongMeng’ OS Coming This Fall or Next Spring

The trade war between China and the USA has affected the world’s second-biggest smartphone manufacturer Huawei the most as Google pulled off its Android license. However, reports are already taking rounds of the internet suggesting that Huawei might be eyeing to replace Android with their own new OS. Huawei CEO Richard Yu hinted that the new OS could be released as soon as this fall. According to the reports from Caijing, a Chinese financial site, Yu said that the company is planning to launch its OS “at the earliest”. While Huawei is looking to release the operating system by the fall of 2019, it can extend to as long as the spring of 2020.

Huawei Android Alternative ‘HongMeng’ OS Coming This Fall or Next Spring

This is not a surprise since Huawei has claimed before that an alternative of Android has been under development for years now because of this exact situation. A source claimed that Huawei currently calls the new OS “HongMeng” which might change in future to “Kirin” OS. Reportedly, this new operating system will not only support smartphones and tablets, but extend to laptops, smart watches, TVs, and even cars.

Yu further claimed that the new OS from the Chinese manufacturer will run “all Android apps” and also web apps. This can mean that “Hongmeng” is rooted in AOSP. Developers recompiling their Android apps for Huawei’s OS could see over 60% performance gain. Reports have suggested that the new OS is under development since 2012.

However, Huawei has not made any public announcement about the OS yet and we should still wait for official confirmation.

New OS “Far From Ready”

Update: A new report from The Information claimed that Huawei’s efforts on a new OS are “far from ready.” Yu did claim that the new OS has been designed keeping multiple platforms in mind but the new reports suggested that Huawei’s focus has always been the domestic market of China with this OS.

This reports totally oppose the statements made by the Chinese media. As per the Information, the Chinese smartphone maker is forced to release the OS which is still not complete. Given the accuracy of the reports from The Information, we can assume that Huawei is not close to releasing the OS yet.

“The project’s focus has always been the domestic market, where Huawei hopes its operating system will power all kinds of devices—from phones to wearables to appliances—when China moves to the next-generation 5G wireless network.”