Amazon Prime and Netflix are one of the leading and most popular online streaming services in today’s scenario, By serving powerful content, these services are nowadays everyone favorite and the memberships has seen notable upward trends. Since the past two decades, Amazon’s rise in dominance from an online book retailer attempt to revolutionize the industry to the tech giant. Amazon also invests fortunes in the original TV content which include multiple awards winning transparent.

Not all apps and the services are compatible with Google’s chromecast, but yes, it is with Amazon Prime video. Google chromecast press and stream system have garnered lots of fans since its first launch. Although the best streaming platform has built-in apps for just about anything that the user wants to stream. If you are a chromecast or chromecast ultra owner, then you need not have to buy Fire cube or Fire TV stick to get Amazon instant video on your television.

How to View Videos and Shows from YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video Offline?

If you own the Google chromecast, then you have probably seen that you are not able to stream Amazon Prime videos in it. The reason behind this is that Amazon itself says that the Android and the chromecast are both compatible with Amazon Prime and instant video services. This one is bad news for the prime subscribers who need to stream the shows on chromecast. There are most of the people who assume that they have to purchase Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV stick to be able to watch instant and prime videos.

The good news is that the user need not have to purchase any extra device to stream Amazon Prime if you already have an Android TV or chromecast device. Amazon allowed casting under video by using Google chromecast from Amazon Prime video app on TV till some years ago. But, do you have any idea how to watch Amazon prime video on chromecast? However, the casting now from the mobile phone is not working and everything else plays on TV but the video does not, means you see the video on your phone, but the blank screen on the TV and the audio is also not available.

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Now, let us look at some of the methods that will help us and will clear us about how to watch Amazon prime video on your TV with Chromecast as:

Method-1: Use Chrome

How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on Your TV with Chromecast

  • If you are running on Google Chrome on any of the computers, then you can play the video that you want to watch in your browser and can cast it directly to your chromecast. In past days, all you are required is to install the separate extension to be able to cast content directly from your browser. But, in the newer version of chrome, there is no longer this case exist. Google has built the functionality directly available to the browser. 
  • Before starting, you must make sure that your TV is turned on and it is displaying the correct input channel. To start the process to cast Amazon prime video to your chromecast with the help of chrome, you have to open your chrome browser, head to the Amazon prime video website, and then enter your login credentials. You need to find the video that you want to watch on your TV and press play as normal. 
  • Next, you are required to click on the “More” menu in the upper right-hand corner of the browser windows and then select the cast from the pop-up menu. You must see a new window with all the compatible devices which are on your network, now click on the name of chromecast that you want to use the connection must occur automatically.

Method-2: Cast Your Android Screen
How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on Your TV with Chromecast

Before you start to cast your android screen to watch the video, you may have to follow the steps as:

  • Using the screencast is another easy way to watch videos. For this, swipe down on your device’s notification bar and tap the cast icon. You will the list of all the compatible devices on your screen, then tap on the correct one and after a few seconds, you will see your phone’s screen displayed on your TV. From this point, it is just the case of using your phone to navigate towards the prime video content which you want to watch in the usual way. 
  • Just to make sure, you have to flip your phone into landscape mode and make this video full screen before you get comfortable. One of the major benefits that you will get is that you can control the video from your phone. 
  • One of the major drawback to using this, the first one of the privacy issue, as you are casting your complete android screen rather than just the content from a specific app. The second is the battery. If you cast your entire phone screen then the video will play on both the devices at the same time. The final issue will be the processing power because Amazon prime video is not chromecast-enabled; therefore, your android phone is doing all the background processing for it.

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It is fortunate that Amazon is one of the best video streaming platforms which have made the choice to opt out of the casting game. The last but not the least thing, there is no way for Amazon to prevent you from casting your chrome browser tab, so this is the perfect solution until Amazon finally decides to add a cast feature to their video streaming services.