The way entertainment modes are changing with the new avenues of content creation and its dissemination, now the people enjoy their favorite videos and shows in the form of web series or short videos, etc. Do you want to download the web series? Then, there are several platforms that have come up to cater the entrainment demand in the backdrop of the internet boom and thus users have lots of options to download or watch their favorite shows and videos on different streaming services. In the olden ways of a few years ago, to download movies or TV shows were transferred from the PC to devices like iPods on the on-go viewing, but the ubiquity of streaming services means that the entire entrainment you can cover at your fingertips provided you have the solid interaction.

There are massive amounts of television shows and movies or videos available to stream online or offline. Some of the internet-based entertainment shows in the form of web series like Made in Heaven, Sacred Games, Lust Stories, etc are some of the top binge-worthy shows available on Amazon Prime Videos and Netflix as well. But, there are many users who also want to download the same for watching them in the future. Well, apart from these do you know both Netflix, Amazon prime video allows you to watch and download some of its videos or shows or web series to watch offline? Along with these Google-owned YouTube also offer the ability to download and watch the videos or shows offline. It will help you to enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies, videos, and other required content when you do not even have the internet connectivity or cellular connectivity like in the plane or McDonald’s, etc.

Here are some of the steps that you can perform to download or watch the permitted content from the desired entertainment platforms as:


youtubeTo watch some of your favorite videos or shows offline on YouTube streaming platform, you can follow the below-given steps as:

  • Open YouTube app on your smartphone devices and can start the video whichever you want to see.
  • Now, tap on the video that you wish to download to view it later offline.
  • Now, tap the download icon which you will see between the shares and add to buttons.
  • Choose the quality of video in which you wish to download your video.
  • Now, tap “OK” and it’s finally done.

However, it must be noted that to download the videos have been made illegal in many parts of the world due to copyright issue and violations. Therefore, if you really want to save your videos from YouTube without breaking the rules, offline viewing is the best option in our opinion to download videos of your choice. People can even use third-party services to download YouTube videos which go against YouTube terms’ and conditions.



In Netflix, not all the shows are available for offline viewing, but there is plenty of content which can store ion the phone’s storage and then can be watched offline when in an unstable internet connection. Let’s look at the below-given steps that will clear you about how to download the videos offline in Netflix as:

  • Open the Netflix app on your smartphone device.
  • Now, tap the show/movie/videos that you want to download from there.
  • Now, tap the menu button in the upper left corner.
  • Finally, tap available for download and it’s done.

On Android smartphones, you have to just select where to save the downloadable content. If you wish to download the movie or episode on SD card, then you have to give the app permission to access the card. Here, the users must note that the downloadable content is limited to your devices because the content is DRM protected. Therefore, you cannot share the show with other people else through Bluetooth or by swapping SD cards.

Amazon Prime Video

amazon prime

This is another prominent platform that helps us to download the movie or web series or watch offline shows on your mobile phones. There is already a wide selection of shows which are available for the offline viewing, including much of the platform’s original content. Let’s have a look at the given below steps that will make us more clearly about how to download offline video on Amazon Prime video as:

  • Open Amazon prime videos app on your smartphones or iPhone or Fire tablets.
  • Now, find the TV episode/movie/show that you want to download.
  • Now, tap the icon of the video.
  • Tap on the download button.
  • Now, tap downloads to see the list of downloaded movies or TV shows a begin streaming the content on your device.

Of course, you can always select the quality of downloading the shows or videos that you would like to. You must keep in mind that the higher quality of the content will need more storage space on your smartphone devices.


In India, with the increase in the internet population, the craze to download videos and content is rising significantly. And above listed are the major platforms to do this. Hence, you can download the videos or shows or web series in offline mode from this popular streaming platform by performing the above given simple steps.