RABF, which stands for “rent a boyfriend” and this is an app which is to cure depression by “rent a boyfriend”. The main aim of this app is to help lonely people to overcome their depression by having a partner by their side for a day. This app is the invasion of a 29-year-old Kaushal Prakash who says that there will not be any sexual relation or any of the private meetings. This app is only for the purpose of general, meeting by a male person. This is purely platonic. This idea came when Kaushal Prakash himself faced this depression. There is also a helpline number for the app by which you can take any of the help from the supervising professionals and discuss their problems.


According to the survey, 56 million Indians are in a depression out of which 8, 00,000 who commits suicide every year, 65 %of Youth aged 22-25 are suffering from Depression and loneliness. A lot is involved in the consumption of alcohol and tobacco in order to get ‘RELIEF’ from the pain of loneliness. The rabf app helps the people by giving 10% free consultant by best professionals. This app is been installed by more than 50,000+ peoples at the time of this review and has an average rating of 2.5 in the Google app store.   

This is a new era of experience a wonderful time. Rental Boyfriend will only be for a contracted time that allows you to rent. People have lost their long walks on the moonlit street, flirty lines that make you blush when did life get so complicated?   

This app will make the sufferer to regain the confidence & make them realize life is really beautiful and worth living. In this dating procedure, you have to pay a certain amount of money, which is different from person to person. You can also go for dating with celebrities and pay for them regarding the amount. Any person not at all biased. (Female/Male) can rent a Boyfriend and can experience a wonderful time. Rental Boyfriend will only be for a contracted time that allows you to rent. Here boyfriend means just a male friend.

How can you use this app?

This app is meant for android and ios phones which has a 4.4 and up android supported version , 50000+ total installations and with an average rating of 2.5 which is pretty less it is developed in the kp 24  megabytes. UNITED LIFESTYLE whose current version is of 1.0.7, its size value of. You just have to install the app from the respective sources to your system them connect it with your account and the app is ready for the use. This app you can also get on Google play store of your android play store.

This app is useful only when a person has the following problems in his/her life:

Sufferer of mental illness- There are many kinds of unhealthy relationship which involves domestic violence, can cause secondary mental health issues such as low self-esteem, anxiety and many other mentally torching issues in which you just need a hand of the person who can take you to the light from the deep and dark sadness.

Mental illness test – The professional of relationship failures can teach and test your mentally ill capacity, after which you can get to know about the damages from your failed relationship.

When there is such type of mentally suffering client then, there are many things to keep in mind while dealing with them such as patient confidentiality, trust and expert understanding of mental issues. The guarantee of the app is for 4S. Secrecy, safety, security, the satisfaction of their client. This is the question of everyone that it is an unknown app for everybody who is new to the app, that the person who hires a male for dating is he trusts worthy to spent time, is it safe to be with an unknown person for hours. So this duty of the people of this organization to take all the things in mind and make the people stress free and built an image of togetherness so anyone can use it.

Keeping in mind that the hired companions were firmly told that any personal relationship with clients, romantic or any other kind is not possible. According to the internal policies of rabf, a personal relationship between a companion and a client is completely not applicable according to the bond.  They are not being hired for romantic dating. Their only job is to understand the problem of the client through which they are suffering just by a general talking. The mental depression is totally different from sadness.

The problems are solved just by the talking skills and the mindset of the person that how he reacts and solves the problems of the client. the looks do not matter for the dating but there are several people who date and search for the similar looking dating partner for them. Having a boyfriend is not the solution the depression the solution is when the client open ups and share all of his problems and secrets this reduces the burden of depression.  These apps enhance the possibility of users getting matched with a compatible candidate. Online dating also increases the self-confidence of a person that she can further grow up in the relationship in future. People try many things in order to get relief of the depression which the get by relationship failure.


Hope that this app will help you to reduce the stress that many people usually face and get depressed. As everyone, need a person that will take care of them with more than others and with whom they can share their deep thoughts and can relieve them from such suicide cases.