How to Use Google Chrome to Generate Secure Passwords

Google chrome has the surprising amount of feature which is hidden or not well known and thus can offer a great deal of functionality for users. One of these amazing features is the built-in password generator which can be used for creating a strong password. While creating new accounts and password manager called Smart lock it helps to stores these passwords on so that the user can easily retrieve them later on. 

Not many of you may know that Google chrome browser includes a built-in password generator that can be generated for a complex password for you when you are signing up for new online services. Google Chrome is one of the biggest and most widely used web browser platforms. If the user is using the internet and it is almost certain which you use Google Chrome as your primary web browser. As the most popular web browser in the world, this browser also comprises some powerhouse features.

Some of the major powerhouses feature that Google chrome include is the native integration with the Google services, range of productivity-enhancing extensions and some that are beyond your expectations. One such property of chrome browser is that it can automatically generate random secure passwords for the users. This browser is also activated with the built-in feature of password generator which can generate the complex password for you when the user is signing up for new online service. 

Currently, this is not enabled by default, but the user will have to enable it first if they want to use this prominent feature. This inbuilt feature of chrome will help you to suggest with the list of randomly generated passwords and the combinations of alphanumeric and special characters. Therefore, if the user is trying to sign up to an online service, but they cannot think of storing a password then you can use the auto-generate of random secure passwords in chrome.

Google Chrome includes the hidden features which can be generally used to have the browser generate random secure passwords each time when it detects the password field on the webpage. This comes in an extremely handy way when the user is creating the online accounts and cannot think of a strong password for the same or what the strong password they should create. Google Chrome offers to save the passwords for all your online accounts that give them security and trustable fact for the users. 

It then stores and syncs them to your Google account as the part of Smart lock feature. Google Chrome also has the built-in password generator which will automatically create strong passwords for the users at just a click of the mouse button. 

Now, let us discuss the steps that will help us to tell more clearly about how to use google chrome to generate secure passwords as given below:

  1. For this feature to work on, firstly the user needs to sign in to their Google account. In case you are not then you should open your chrome web browser and type chrome: //flags in the Google chrome Omni bar and just hit the Enter button to open the flags in the Google chrome. The flags are majorly the experimental features which are not yet ready to be included in the stable browser builds.
    chrome: //flags
  2. Now, after finishing up the first step, and once the flag page, scroll down and find out the flag password generation. Now, tap open the drop-down list and change its value to enable or click ctrl+F for opening the search bar and search for enable password generation.
  3. Finally, the user has relaunched now option will automatically pop up. Now, click on the relaunch button which appears at the bottom to again start the Google Chrome browser and effect the changes.
  4. That’s it, from now onwards whenever the Google chrome detects the password field on the webpage; it will automatically suggest the random password as the drop-down choice. And, the users can simply click on the generated password to use it for their account creation. And, finally, you are done..!!!


Understandably, not everyone is highly thrilled at the idea of Google handling its passwords. But with the help of some apps manually even it is quite easily handy, free alternative for those who do not want to pay for the password manager or download extra software. Hope all the above-listed steps might have cleared up all your doubt in generating the secure password in Google chrome and this will help users to keep their accounts safe and secured.