How to Use Filters of Snapchat

Snapchat is the latest trend on social media because of its in-built features that included effects and lenses. These features help teen go crazy for the Snapchat app prior to the innovation of social media, many of the people thought of filters as something used only in preparing coffee.

But, now, when someone says they are using the filter, it has entirely changed its meaning to a different extent. The filters are the layer for our Instagram posts and stories and our snaps on Snapchat. In fact, some people only use the Snapchat app to enjoy its various types of filters available in it. To download snapchat app is not a tricky one for the users, they are directly going to the Google play store and can download the app from there. It is not uncommon to see an image and wonder how exactly it has been altered. In that case, the Snapchat saver is usually pretty obvious where the changes lie.

Photo messaging app Snapchat features the widest range of filters which can transform user’s selfies with assessors and special effects in it. These filters overlay a wide selection of animated tricks onto the user’s face that ranges from transforming the person onto the dog, to giving them flower crown or to turn then a zombie look and many more.

Snapchat has first introduced in the year 2015 September, and the update was simple and easy to use which allows its popularity to grow more within a few years. Therefore, to use Snapchat filters becomes very easy and quite interesting for the users. Snapchat has been constantly designing new filters, releasing them with each update to the app so that users can enjoy different snaps and filters easily.

How to Use Snapchat Filters

You know how to make a Snapchat Filters for its core picture sharing feature but now, it’s time to go further. Geo filters and facial filters are both accesses in a different manner. Therefore, let us discuss the major types of different filters and maybe even it will help you to become a filter fiend. Have a quick look at how to use snapchat filters as:

Facial Filters

How to Use Filters of Snapchat

Let us first get started with facial filters which can be accessed through either side of the camera, assuming there is the face to be recognized. When you open Snapchat saver, it will automatically open to its default setting of the back camera. But, if you’re looking to take a selfie, then you have to double tap the screen to switch to the front camera. Now, you can also tap on the camera icon on the top right and the edges of this camera form two arrows which tell you that the button switches the screen around.

Once you have performed either of these actions successfully, then the camera will be facing in the direction of your choice. To get the facial filter option to appear, you have to position the camera onto your face.

Now, press and hold the part of the screen where the face is with your finger. This tells the snapchat that you are attempting to make it recognize a face. Once all the filters have been activated, you can scroll them from left to right and can use any of them that you like the most. By this way, you can make Snapchat filters in a more convenient manner.




The other major type of Snapchat filters of the Snapchat Geofilters. Both the geo-filters and the facial filters can be used at the same time as per your choice. The geofilters can be included in an image or video after the snap has been taken as there is a number of ways to add geofilters. One common way to take the picture or video is to swipe the screen to the left or right. Unlike, the facial filters, users must first take the picture or video in order for the geofilters to appear.

Steps to use Snapchat Filters

According to the Snapchat, the user has to follow these three easy steps on how to use filters on Snapchat pictures as follows:

  • Firstly, go to the camera mode
  • Now, tap and hold on your face
  • Now, finally, swipe to the left to explore the widest range of filters on offer

Why do people use Snapchat filters?

Filters are served for different purposes to different people and different level and platforms. For example, the filter you put on your Instagram pictures is completely different from the types of Snapchat filters we had.

For some people, the filters are the way to create a brand or aesthetic on their profiles. Giving every image the same tint creates a look of consistency and effects, for others the filters are just good, harmless fun. For snapchat users, there is a way to share funny images and videos with the people who may live far away. Some of the people use filters because they are a confidence booster. You may think this sounds absurd until you get thee look at yourself with the digitally enlighten look.


Hope you like the article that explains to you how to use Snapchat filters in a more economical and convenient manner to make your pictures more interesting and creative before sharing them with your friends on social media platforms.