Phones, laptops, earphones, mp3 players, tablets. Tell us something that the apple company hasn’t ventured into. Watches you say? Well, buddy, Apple hasn’t let that slip away either. It has Apple watches. This is a line of smart watches designed, developed and marketed by Apple inc. And since the company name itself screams more than just a watch these watches incorporate fitness tracking, health-oriented capabilities and is integrated with iOS and other Apple products and services.

With the goal of enhancing the uses of iPhone while also providing some new features, Apple wanted to provide its users with a more human and wearable version of the iPhone.  Working towards this goal Apple has released 3 watches from the period of 2015 to 2017 and has announced the release of the Apple watch 4th series in September 2018. Well apple does move fast and if you want to catch up all you have to do is follow the steps in this article and they will help you set, personalize and use the apple watches.


Step 1 – Set up the Apple watch

  1. We will start with syncing your new apple watch to your iPhone.
    Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and select start pairing.
  2. Pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone by holding the watch up to your phone’s camera. Or you can choose another option of “Pair Apple Watch Manually” and tap the watch’s name in the Apple Watch app; you’ll then be prompted to enter a 6-digit code that appears on the watch.
  3. On the Apple Watch app, select “Set Up as New Apple Watch.”
  4. Choose your wrist preference — left or right. You’ll also be asked to pick which side you want the digital crown to be on.
  5. On the Terms and Conditions page, select Agree and enter your Apple ID.
  6. Select OK for Location services, Siri and diagnostics
  7. Create a 4-digit passcode for your watch. After which you will be given an option to enable unlocking your Apple Watch with your phone. Here you have reedom to choose whatever suits your best.
  8. You’ll then be prompted to set up Apple Pay and Emergency SOS. Apple Pay lets you use your watch to make mobile payments while Emergency SOS is a new feature in watchOS 3 that lets you call emergency services and send an alert to specified contacts. You can bypass this step and set up these services later.

Step 2 – Using the Apple Watch

Though it’s not a complete replacement of the iPhone, the Apple Watch has definitely helped the users in its own way. It lets you stay connected in the most remote way possible. It has various functionalities built in it some of which we will be guiding you through in this section.

  1. Switching between applications, this is made easier as you can go back to the app used previously just by double tapping the Digital Crown.
  2. Muting an incoming call, this is even easier than the iPhone, All you have to do is keep a hand over the watch and cover it which will lead to the call being muted.
  3. Taking a screenshot, to use this feature it should first be enabled from your iPhone settings. Once enabled you to need to press the digital crown and the side button at the same time which will take the screenshot which is automatically saved in your camera roll in the iPhone.
  4. Sharing your location. This can be done by opening the messaging app then force touching the screen and then tapping on the send location.
  5. Reading and dismissing messages. Reading and dismissing the message is where you understand the responsiveness of this application. All you have to do to read the notification is raise your wrist and to dismiss the message lower your arm.
  6. Sending a New text message. This is done using the messages application by force touching the screen and tapping on the new message.
  7. Deleting an email. Just three simple steps here. Open the mail app swipe left on the email and tap on trash to delete it.
  8. Using the camera app to remotely watch for your iPhone.
  9. Finding your phone. This is again done by tapping on the find phone icon which can be found on bringing up the Control Center on the watch face. This will play a ton on your phone.
  10. Calling for an emergency. For this Press and hold the Apple Watch’s Side Button; the power of the menu will appear but continue to hold the Side Button until the SOS countdown appears. (Alternatively, instead of holding the Side Button, you can just slide the Emergency SOS control on the power off menu.)  At the end of the countdown, your local Emergency Services will be called. (Release the button before the end of the countdown to cancel the call.) After the call, your emergency contacts — as set in the Health app on your iPhone — will automatically be notified, and if Location Services on your Watch is off, it will be temporarily activated.

Step 3 – Personalizing the Apple Watch.

Now that we’ve made ourselves clear with the basic working of the watch lets make it ‘our’ watch more than ‘Apple’s’.

  1. The first and most customizable part of the watch is the faces. Apple allows you multiple faces to your watch. In these faces, you can choose to keep one face with certain apps while another face has other. Navigation through them is just a thumb swipe. To choose and customize these face do the following.
    1. Press firmly on the screen that displays the time (what Apple calls a Force Touch).
    2. Swipe left or right to browse watch face options.
    3. Tap “Customize to see available complications and other options for each face.
    4. Tap the face you want to use.
  2. The next one is rearranging Applications in the Dock
    WatchOS 4 overhauled the Dock, which gives you easy access to your most frequently used apps. But what if you want to change the order in which those apps appear?

    1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone and select Dock.
    2. Choose whether you want your Dock ordered by recently used apps or favorites.
    3. Tap Edit to choose your favorite apps. You can add up to 10 apps to your Dock, which is accessible by pressing the side button on the watch.
  3. Another important personalizing feature is deleting apps which aren’t needed. This feature in the Apple watch is pretty much like the iPhone.
    From the watch face or any app, press the Digital Crown to go to the Watch’s home screen. Then tap and hold any app icon. On doing this a small cross will appear on the icon. Tap this cross and press delete to confirm.

  4. Changing Audio Sources
    Here’s how to control the device — your phone or your watch — from which you play music.

    1. In the Music app, Force Touch the display, then tap Source.
    2. Select iPhone to play music from your phone. Select Apple Watch to play music from your watch on a Bluetooth speaker or headphones.
  5. Switching Views in Calendar for this customization open the Calendar app, select a day, and then Force Touch the display then select List to see a list of upcoming events or Up Next to see cards of upcoming events. Tap Today to jump to the current day in either view.

  6. Have Mickey/Minnie Mouse Speak the Time
    Apple does cater to the child in you and wants to keep it alive so among the Apple Watch’s many faces are two different versions featuring either Mickey or Minnie Mouse. And they can pull off a little trick. To use this trick.
    • Switch to the Mickey/Minnie Mouse watch face.
    • Tap the screen and whichever character you have selected will announce the current time. (You can disable this under Sounds & Haptics in either the Watch’s Settings app or the Watch app on your iPhone.)

  7. Let’s not forget the most personalized feature of Apple – Siri.
    To activate Siri press and hold the digital crown or you can just raise your wrist and call out to Siri the usual way by saying “Hey Siri”.

There you have it a fully set personalized and ready to use Apple Watch which is definitely going to make you more dependent on it by the day.