Yeah, you read that right. That topic did mention Walkie Talkie.

Most people out there have definitely dreamed of walkie-talkies as children. Even in the age of devices which let us talk continuously the hype of this device hasn’t gone down even a bit. As adults, we too somewhere hope to have a friend to talk with on a walkie-talkie but we hide those desires and name them “Childish” well the “Walkie-Talkie” app makers and the WatchOS team beg to differ. Thus they have together come up with this system which lets you talk to your family and friends in a push-to-talk manner right from your wrist. Now if both these names are foreign to you don’t worry we will bring you to date.

WatchOS as the name hints is a mobile operating system for the Apple watch. Though it is similar to the iOS application in multiple ways this isn’t used on any other device except for the Apple watch. Its first version was released in April 2015 but it’s not until its second version came up in the month of September of the same year did this OS started including support for third-party applications. All said and done, the feature we are focusing on today wasn’t integrated into it till its 5th version which was launched on the 17th of September 2018

So now that we have it available, why waste time? Let’s go ahead and get you all started with this cool new application.

1Step 1

To get started with it, open the “Walkie-Talkie” application. This will show you your contact list.

2Step 2

Use the digital crown to scroll down and choose a friend to have a walkie-talkie conversation with. Please keep in mind that the person you want to converse with should also have two things, an Apple watch and a WatchOS 5.

3Step 3

Now tap on the friend’s name. When a yellow card of their name appears on the Apple Watch in the Walkie Talkie app, tap on it.

4Step 4

Now to initiate the connection press the button ‘Talk’. Then you will have to wait for the friend to accept the connection.

5Step 5

It will show “Connecting to (friend’s name)”. Once it is established you can start a conversation with the friend.

6Step 6

Now to talk to your friend, tap on the card for the friend you want to talk to and hold down the ‘Talk’ as long as you talk. If you see the concentric circles flashing, you are being heard by your friend.  

7Step 7

When done take off your hand from the button this will make way for your friend to reply.

8Step 8

If you want to remove a contact, scroll down using the digital crown and then swipe to the left on the name this will delete it.

9Step 9

In case you want to disable the application, open it and scroll down to the toggle button which says ‘Available’ and toggles it to off. This will stop your friends from connecting with you.

Now that we know most of its working, let us get equipped with a few warnings related to it too. Please keep in mind that Walkie-Talkie takes precedence over other settings on your Apple Watch. You will hear your friend speaking even if your Apple Watch is set to silent, but it does not ignore Do Not Disturb settings.

All said and done go ahead and enjoy walkie talking to its fullest and let your childhood dream come true.