How to Unsend Gmails on Android


How familiar are we with that situation in the intern when an unwanted mail reached an unwanted recipient? That case is pretty bad, right? Seems like the same thing happened to the people at Google as well. And thus they came up with something we like to call our savior. The Undo option. When that weird mail goes through you have a tiny gap where you can revert the action. Thank the Google almighty for that.

Now this upgrade had come in the laptop apps way before but since the world has moved from laptop to mobiles and a substantial amount of mail sending happens through the mail (which btw increases the autocorrect errors). Gmail decided to extend this task in android mobile apps as well. Now isn’t that the actual good news?


To use this functionality your first step would be to upgrade your application. Now it gets a bit tricky and messy here as there is still a bit of confusion in terms of upgrading the app as well as a certain server-side update is required. But give it a try to check if your phone is lucky enough to have it.


The next step would obviously be to compose and send a mail


As soon as the previous step is done you get a bar which says sending on the left and cancels on the right. Your first trick is in getting to that crucial cancel button quickly. Because that mail certainly isn’t waiting for you.


How to un send Gmails on android

Didn’t get it? OH shoot! Well, don’t worry we magicians have another trick up our sleeve. Now if you’ve missed that cancel button and the message is sent look out for another bar that will pop up which says sent on the left and UNDO on the right. That ladies and gentlemen is your last option to get that mail back. If you click that, the already sent mail is reverted back to your drafts.


Well now if this one went…..  Buddy, you’re on your own. And you will have to use other methods to do so. We for one strongly discourage breaking into the house. Save your creative side for that unfortunate day that it actually happens to you. Till then happy reverting.