Before you dive in the headfirst, whether you need to launch a Twitch channel or watch people playing video games, you must learn the ins and the outs of the service. If you just need to relax and watch other gamers dominate their scene, then Twitch has the apps on nearly every platform.

If you need to stream content yourself, then you must make sure that you are well prepared with the perfect hardware and software. Whatever your motivation is, it is worth your time to familiarize yourself with the numerous terms, tiers and the tricks which make Twitch tick. Our general guide below will help you out to acquaint with the basics of How to stream of Twitch? But before, that, let us understand what actually is Twitch?

What is Twitch?

Before getting into much deeper about it, let’s first get into a little background. Twitch was launched back in 2011, as a gaming-centric spin-off of the now defunct Then, later in the year 2004, Amazon has acquired the parent company, Twitch Interactive. Since then, Twitch has blossomed into the go-to-streaming destination for exports and game streamers. Additionally, into it, it is a home to other content types.

Twitch has elaborated its platform for including Twitch creative Communities, which you can use for sharing the process to create a pretty much anything. Such categories of content include food, game, development, etc. There are also dedicated spaces for Twitch IRL and Twitch Social Eating. For the uninitiated Social Eating, it is the place where you can live stream yourself eating in an audience.

Recently, Twitch has announced that it has acquired streaming rights to Overwatch League’s first two seasons for about $90 million and has even reached an agreement to broadcast NBA G-League games for all kinds of regular sports fans out there. As you might expect, the services have also expanded quite a bit since its inception, and there are many interlinking parts which make up its system. You likely require going with the several trails and error processes for getting everything down perfectly. We take you through what you require to know before you launch your own channel, but ultimately the creative process is up to you.

The process to Stream on Twitch

You are required to sign up for a Twitch account if you are planning to stream or interact with any channel. In the past, Twitch Turbo was the topmost tier account. It costs $8.99 per month and thus included the benefits such as an additional free streaming experience, an exclusive Turbo badge, a custom emoticon set, which expands chat colors, and priority customer support. This is obvious, but you will require an account on Twitch to get started.


OBS stands for Open Broadcast Software which is very capable software for broadcasting your stream to Twitch. Let’s talk through the basics of what you require to know about it:

  • Download OBS and install. If you are using Windows, then right click on OBS and “Run as Administrator” so it will automatically grant the permission for the software to capture your games.
  • Open Settings and then select “Stream”. Select Twitch as the “Services”.
  • Now, open Twitch in your browser and then choose “Dashboard” from your menu in the upper right corner. Select “Settings” from the left navigation and then choose “Stream Key” and tap “Show key”.
  • Paste the key in the OBS field which is called “Stream Key”.
  • Congrats, you have technically started streaming now..!!

Looking Something to Stream

Maybe you need to stream the games, maybe you want to stream yourself working, or maybe you just want to stream yourself on camera. Then, what all you need for streaming is below:


It is most common that you are interested in streaming games. If it is not games then you are interested in most desktop applications which can also be streamed by using this same technique as:

    • Go to the source panel in OBS and then press the button +. Now, select the “game capture” and enter the name of the game or the application to which you want to stream in the “Create a new field”.
  • Open the game or the application and select “Capture specific window”. Now press OK.
  • Choose your application in Windows drop-down. Press OK.

Maybe you need this source at the bottom of your “sources list”. The list mimics the visual hierarchy of sources and you are going to need to overlay other sources on the top. You can perform this action by dragging a corner of the source and snapping it to the edge of the full window.



Maybe you just need to stream your entire workplace. Most people usually do not do this, because it feels pretty dangerous. They  generally prefer to not broadcast open browser windows and such, but if you like living on the edge, then you can stream everything that your computer displays using the below technique:

  • Choose “display capture” as your source.
  • Enter a name and press OK.


One of the most entertaining and enjoyment of watching a stream is looking someone reacts and express themselves. This may feel awkward at first but you will get over to it. It is really no different than how you present yourself all day long. You can perform this by following the below techniques:

  • Choose “video capture” as your source. Name it “camera”.
  • Choose your camera and press OK.
  • Place the source above the windows capture in the source list and resize the source to your liking.

In most of the cases, you will also need to add your microphone as the only source of “Audio”.

The last word

If you are still confused about some of the aspect of Twitch, then the best way to get comfortable with it is simply to use this. The more time you spend on this platform, the easier will be to understand all the terms and mechanics. Although, instant success is still not likely, therefore you can use your experience to increase the benefit over your competition.