What glorious days they might be back in the Victorian era with those palatial houses and most importantly the butler running all errands in the house. Now we can’t promise a palatial house but Google has made the butler part quite possible. We are talking about the new Google mini which has given home automation a complete makeover. We’re sure all you tech-savvy people out there have already gotten your Google mini device And hence in this article we will help you set it up and give you a few Tips and tricks to use it to the fullest.

First and foremost follow our step by step guide to set up your Google Mini

Step 1

Introduce your new smart object to your previous smart object which is your smartphone. Download the Google home app for your smartphone or even tablet and launch it.

Step 2

Once launched the initial screen of your app should automatically detect the Home Mini. But if you’re one of those people whose Bluetooth never connects till the 100th go or wifi is never detected and can’t find the new device. This application gives you an option of doing so manually. For that, you need to tap the button the top right corner and then tap on add new device button to get the instructions on how to find the device. Make sure your smartphone is connected to your Home Wifi this is how the google mini will be able to access your network information. Tap and set it up.

Step 3

How will you know if the device is connected or not? The Google Mini gives a scream of joy once it is introduced to the smartphone. On a serious note, you will hear a sound from the mini. Once that is done tap on Yesin the app.

Step 4

Be sure to set your location right of your Google Home device, as you’ll need this for the tips and tricks part. Under personal information enter your address.

Step 5

In the last step, we would suggest you take the Google tutorial which is recommended to you This will give you an idea of the functions and offers in Google Mini.

Now that out Google mini is set up let’s get it running and personalize it a bit

Setup up the music

Google mini supports four music services you can choose from any of them. There is Google Play Music, Spotify Youtube, and Pandora it will work the best with google play and Spotify as it lets you shuffle the albums add new songs etc. But at this point, it cannot access your music libraries on your phone or computer.

Set up your preferences

Google also offers some optional features, these will help you personalize your Google mini just the way you want it. To access them you have to tap on Menu button which is at the left and side of the app screen and then choose Account Preferences. Now your device is just as unique as your personality.

Change what it calls you

As the google mini communicates with you. It will love to know how and what it should call you. Do you prefer your name or nickname or maybe something formal like Ma’am or Sir? Don’t tell us to tell your mini. If you scroll down in the application to the personal info you can see a spot that lets you change your nickname. More so you can make it pronounce your name correctly.

Change your news settings

Keeping up with the world is difficult but equally important. No one wants to live under the rock and Google Mini gets that. It helps you customize to your favorite news channel. If you prefer CNN or Fox news all you have to do is click on News and Customize you can select your preferred news source. After that all you have to do is just say OK Google, Listen to news. Then Voila you will have the news report that’s customized to your preferences.

Home Automation

Now lets come to the coolest part of them all. Adding compatible products to your google mini. Google mini is compatible with quite a few smart home appliances. All you have to do is tap on Home control in the application and add a new device. The only thing to keep in mind here is that all devices should be connected to the same wifi network. After that, all you have to do is say Ok Google dim the lights.

Locate your Phone

Having previously relied on IFTTT add-ons, Google recently introduced native compatibility to find your phone with its latest Home software update. One of the Google Home tips can make your phone ring when you’ve left it under a cushion or in the other room, even when it’s on silent.

To make sure the feature works, you’ll need to be on the same Google account on both your phone and Home hub. Google should be able to call your phone if it’s connected to a mobile network or Wi-Fi. It’s not compulsory, but enabling your location setting supports the Lock &Erase feature as part of Googles Find My Phone.

Remember where you left things

As well as finding your phone, one of the Google Home features can also work as a handy reminder for those all-important, yet easily forgotten items dotted around your home, like your passport or house keys. For example, say something along the lines of Okay, Google, my passport is in the filing cabinet and it will remember when you later ask, Hey, Google, where my passport?

Learn your family by voice

Many of Google Homes most useful features, such as managing your calendar or getting traffic advice for your route to work, are tied to your unique Google account. Fortunately, you can add multiple accounts to your Google Home, which allows your assistant to recognize commands from each individual family member by voice alone. This way its possible for each family member to add new items to their own calendar or receive tailored news reports in the morning.

There you go Now you’re all set to exploit this butler however you want.