How to Search for People by Name Address & Phone Number

Sometimes, this is the most obvious question that may arise many times, “how to find people by their name, address, and phone no”? If someday, you do not have even anyone’s phone no, or address or do not even know their name, then not to worry about this. There are free people search websites available that help you to look for the people name, their phone no and even their address. This is the common question which is being answered by social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn these days. But, even before they took over, there was the category of search engines which did the sleuthing for yours. If you want to do a little bit of sleuthing about someone, then the web can be the most helpful and amazing resource for you.

You can track down the address or the phone number, find the long lost school friends or can simplify verify the information with the help of a search engine platform. Thankfully, we all know the web is the place that is helpful for you to get most of your answers in just a matter of a click. Well, there are several people finder services which let you search for the people and get the details about them deeply. Apart from finding people that you are looking for, the people search websites can come in handy when you are looking for the roommate or starting to work with someone.

So, let us get in more deep to learn about how to search for people by name address and phone number on search engines as:

  • Pipl

  • ZabaSearch

  • Spokeo

  • Facebook

  • BeenVerified


How to Search for People by Name Address & Phone Number


Pipl is one of the most arguably and most popular people finder service and deservedly so considering it works in almost all the countries and thus provides very accurate results. This platform lets you to easily get professional, social and contact info. By using this platform, you can enter the name, email, phone number and username, address of the person you are looking for and choose to enter the location or not just hit the search button to get the best results. In our testing, this platform works well and results were fairly accurate. In addition to this, unlike most other people search sites, this is available for free of cost and it does include a few sponsored results as well.



ZabaSearch is another best people finder search engine platform which lets you search for the people in the U.S. with the help of their name, address or phone number. All you have to do is to simply enter the person’s details into the search field and wait for the Zaba to crawl its database. This platform gleans all the information from the public record database: directory assistance database, voter registration records, court records, marketing information, any public record of property transaction, etc. Therefore using this platform is quite helpful and useful for you to look at the mirror. You need not to have to register to use the basic version of this platform. You can simply search with the name or can find a number.



This is again one of the free search engine platforms that show you the details from the white page listing, public records, and social networks. By using this platform, you can search for the people in Spokeo with the help of their name, address, email address, phone details or location. The outcome includes details from more than 60 social networks, photos, and online profile, dating sites profiles, etc. Also, this platform claims that it uses the proprietary deep web technology for showing the results which usually search engine miss out on.



As one of the leading and world’s largest social networking platform with hundreds of millions of people accessing it daily. This makes Facebook as an incredibly useful tool for people to find another one online. This can be used to search or people by their name and address with whom you went to the school, college or anyone else. Facebook is a great option to find the people in specific geographic location living in your local area which you might not know about, as well as any kind of association club or group.




BeenVerified is one of the prominent and most used Google people search website when it comes to search for the people, because of its simplicity and features which make it stand out against all other search engine platform. With the help of this platform, you can search through names, email address, phone number or location. This platform brings you all the details that you might expect, like social media accounts, pictures & friends, connections, professional recorded. While the basic detail can be checked by just signing up for the account on this site. If you want a full report about someone’s background, then you have to opt for the premium version.


So, these were the best search engine platform that will help you to find the people by their name, address or their phone number easily. Well, you can try any of them out that suits your need best.