The PDF files are one of the most prominent ways to send your important documents and files by using a secured transmission. If you a large volume of files to be transmitted, then you must further like to shrink the file size of your PDF document. It is quite difficult to attach such a big size PDF files and email it your friends or colleagues or clients as the transmission time will be more.

Therefore, it is better to shrink it and send to the required person. Decreasing the size of PDFs improves their performance especially when they are being opened on the web without changing their appearance. The more size of your file may pose many difficulties in terms of uploading or downloading it.

On the other hand, is the file with this format is quite small then the distribution of such documents becomes convenient. There is no worry about the quality after such files are compressed or reduced by their sizes. The integrity of your file is quite well maintained with the help of Adobe, which is capable of decreasing the size of this formatted file without creating any damage to the quality of the document.

But before, we understand about the steps how to reduce the size of PDF file, let’s first understand what does PDF actually mean?

PDF which stands for Portable Document Format is the file format which is used to store, archive or exchange bulky information among the computer users. The portable and compatible features of the file format helps to make the tasks of the users more easy and flexible. It is a computer application that was developed to promote paperless office. It advanced feature of the format keeps the content safe and secures and intact too. You can also insert a variety of images and graphics and also many types of multimedia content in the document.

The capability of the file format enables you to make the documents more interactive in appearance. The compression algorithms can help to decrease the size of the file as a result of which you can easily covert the files formats from one to another. Due to the advantageous features of the file format, the PDF application can be used or several purposes. It is especially used to archive the data also can save the extensive information in this file format.

The PDF file format is the one which can be used for exchanging data across multiple platforms and also you can deploy the PDF documents for better coordination with physically distant people.

Below are 6 steps that will more clearly explain you about how to reduce the size of PDF file:

Use the Save As command



When you are trying to save the PDF file, then use Save As command, so that Acrobat rewrites the complete PDF document as entirely as possible. If you choose the option as save the changes are appended to the file format that means the file size is increased. By default Acrobat Save As command is also used to optimize the web pages viewing and allows to be downloaded on a page by page basis from the network or a web server, thereby decreases the time taken to download and allow better accessibility and viewing performance.


Name destinations


Named destinations are being used as a mark to identify locations if PDF file. This comes in handy when the authors decide to link a second PDF file to the specific point in the first document. However, every ten or so named destination cost 1kb of place and therefore is best to try to avoid and using them.


Print file using Adobe Print Driver


This is one of the best and convenient ways that actually does the job of thinking rather than trying to decrease the space which is being used for creating a PDF. It is one little trick that when you want to shrink or reduce the PDF document, then open them and resave them by using an Adobe PDF printer. You can also locate for this option from File menu option and select Adobe PDF in the drop-down list of printers. This option saves a real lot of space by decreasing the file size incredibly from even 20MB to 3MB.

Check the use of space in the file



To achieve this, you must do this, Choose advanced menu option and select PDF Optimizer. When you choose the audit space usage button in this dialog box, then the audit result will help you in identifying the most effective ways for decreasing the file size by showing the elements which are significantly larger. The report will appear in the similar manner as the number of bytes used by fonts, images, bookmarks, forms, and comments and in Toto file size.


Manage your graphics


Graphics are the biggest issue while optimizing the PDF files with the size of the criteria. The best way for managing the graphics is to initially use the vector-based graphics which scale appropriately and looks better even when they are decreased in size to fit into a very small space and are far better than the pixel-based GIF. Nevertheless, if you are going to use the bitmap file, then prepare it for highest compression and lowest dimensions without losing the ratio and clarity.


Minimize fonts


Fonts play a crucial role in any file format whether it is PDF or PPT or MS Word, etc. Fonts actually take a lot of space and if it is possible then you must not embed fonts, but should always remember that you must keep your fonts to the minimum readable size, so that everyone can read them with an ease.


The above-listed points will surely help you to understand what PDF file is and how to reduce the file size, so that whenever you need to send the PDF file format to the clients or friends you can send it without any trouble.