How to recover deleted photos on Android

We all have accidentally deleted photos on our mobile phones before, but what about if you want to recover those deleted photos on android back? Many people wonder about how to recover deleted photos on android device. If the card is not physically damaged then you might get back your photos without any quality loss. The android data recovery will let users restore the lost pictures from android devices as well as messages, contacts and all your videos. There are many ways by which the user can recover the deleted photos on their android mobile phones. They range from a simple framework to the major complex one.

As we all know that, losing up your photos in your android mobile phone is the worst situation that users might fall into. As mobile phones have become better in aspects of the camera, therefore even those who are not keen on taking a picture have become photographers. The pictures now are being captured anytime and anywhere and every bit of photos keeps memories and data in it and therefore losing up your photos on your android mobile phone might become a hectic issue on you.

Now, let us discuss some of the major steps that will help users on how to recover the deleted photos on android mobile phones as follows:

Easy Ways to Recover Deleted Photos on Android Phones

Step 1: Through Cloud

Most of the cloud and photo apps offer to back up your photos in the background and if you have got this turned on, and then the chances are your photo is not detected. Deleting the photos from your mobile phone’s gallery app would not delete it from your cloud backup service. Therefore to get it back, you can just log in to your cloud app and download the photos from there.

In Google photos, you should open the image and select “save to device” option from the menu and fro dropbox it’s “export> save to device”. If you have deleted the images from your cloud backup then also you can recover it from there too. There are most of the cloud services that use the recycle bin and which allows you to restore any deleted file within a certain period frame

Step 2: Through SD Card

What if you are not backing up your photos to the cloud? Now, your only hope is on your SD card. You can connect your card to the desktop computer and can use the special recovery software to attempt to recover your lost photos. The deleted files will remain on the memory card until they get overwritten by the new data. Therefore, as soon as you realize that you have deleted photos by mistake, then you must remove your card from your mobile phone to decrease the risk of them being overwritten.

In case, if you do not have the microSD card, you cannot use the desktop software for scanning your phone for deleted files, this is because the android does not use the old USB mass storage practical anymore.

Step 3: Through Rooted Phone

If you are not using either the cloud backup service or the memory card, then it becomes a lot tougher challenge to recover your deleted photos from your android device. Despite claims from certain apps online, there is left no chance of yours to scan any phone’s internal storage to recover the lost files unless the mobile phone is rooted yet.

If you are desperate then the user can try rooting up their phone. But, this action may need you to wipe your device and which will significantly raise the likelihood that your deleted photos will be lost forever or may be overwritten.

Step 4: Through Diskdigger

For this step, you should install the disk digger photo recovery from the Google play store. This is the free photo and video recovery and the user only has to pay if they want to recover other types of files.

Launch the app and grant root permission when it is prompted and then you will see the “basic scan” and full scan options. In this way, the user can recover their deleted photos on their android device.


Photos are not only the important kind of data on your mobile phones but also you must know the best ways to backup everything on your android devices. With the help of a regular backup plan, the user can always have a copy of their information and never risk losing anything again in your further circumstances. I hope all the above-listed steps will help you to recover/restore your photos on your android mobile phones easily.