UNO is a great shedding-type card game that has (especially) printed deck. In this game, the player’s main goals are to be the first player to score 500 points. It is the first family card game that can be easily played with children’s.  It is a classic and an easy to understand the game. The player takes their turn and matching their cards with the played cards. This game is also played by the ages 7 and over, and they are dealt face down.

Steps to Play UNO Game

The steps by which you can easily understand how to play UNO cards are as follows:

Step 1

First of all, you need UNO cards to play. The game is played between two or more players. There are 112 cards in the deck which has four colored “suits” (Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow, each color card have their 0-9 numbered card, a drawcard a skip card and a reverse card), an action card (Draw 2, Reverse, and Skip), Wildcards.  Then, distribute seven cards to each player facing downward and keep the remaining cards in the middle to make a down facing pile of cards.

Step 2


At first, the dealer (the person who distributes the card) turns the first top card from the draw pile of cards to create an opening discard pile. If the first card drawn is the wild card then the card is put back in the drawn pile and another card is drawn from it again. If the first card drawn is a +2 card then the player next to the dealer will draw two cards and play, if the first card drawn is a skip card then the dealer goes first.

Step 3

The objective of the game is to score the 500 point, and the goal of each round is to be the first person to finish up his/her all the cards in hand before others player does it so. The players have to match the card in the discard pile either by number, color or word.

Step 4

Then, from clockwise direction the player will play the card from his seven cards on the discarded card, the player can only drop a card of the same color or can drop a card of the same number but of different color, and the cards are dropped in the same manner in the clockwise direction until any of the players does not have the matching card.

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Step 5  

If a player does not have a card then he/she can use an action card or pull a card from the draw pile. If the drawn card is applicable to be dropped then the player can drop it. If it does not match then, there are some special action cards which the player can use.

Step 6

There are +2 cards, skips cards, and reverse cards, and wild card. When the player does not have any of the cards then, that player; it drops the wild card then the player will drop any of the card of different color on the discarded pile which the player wants to drop. The next player can also use another wild card to change the card if the player does not have the card to be played.

Step 7

+2 card (draw two cards) is dropped only on the same color card (like if the last card dropped is a red 9 then only a red +2 card can be dropped on it) and the other player also has a draw two card then the player can use it but if he does not have one then he has to draw two cards from the drawing pile and the chance skips to the next player.

Step 8

If the other player also uses the +2 card then the next player will draw 4 cards from the drawing pile as two +2 cards add together. What is a disadvantage for the player as chances decreases for a win? After a wild card if a card of red color is dropped then the cards are to be dropped of red color.

Step 9

If a player plays a skip card then the next player forfeits the turn.  The chance is passed to the next player when you play a skip card.

Step 10

If a player plays a reverse card then the player has the right to reverse then the direction of the playing (like if the player first on your left playing after you, it will pass to the one on your right) will change as it was in the clockwise direction that will change to anticlockwise direction. And then, the game will be continued in the new changed direction for the further moves.

Step 11  

At last, when any of the people have only one card left in their hand then, it is the rule of playing UNO to say UNO when any of the players playing the game has only one card left with him.

If the player does not speak UNO and any of the players catches him then the player will draw two cards from the drawing pile and the game has to continue further till any of the players finishes the game. So this means that it is compulsory to say UNO if you want to win.

Step 12

In case, if there is a tie (two players simultaneously have one card left with them in their hand and both of them say UNO ) in that situation the card which is below that is considered to be the first one which means the player what was played the last card is the winner. When all cards are finished while playing the game starts as if it was clockwise earlier it will remain clockwise again in the next round.

The points of cards are too considered as follows:

  • 0-9 coloured cards (numbered card) = there face value;
  • Draw +2 cards =20 point;
  • Skips cards = 20 points;
  • Wildcards = 50 points;
  • Draw 4 wild card = 50 points;


Hope all the above steps have clearly explained how to play UNO game so that you can win and make it more interesting.