Remote work has introduced a whole new need for video conferencing and team communication tools, and Slack is one of the forerunners in this category. In fact, at the height of the mass shift to work from home, Slack broke its daily active user record at 12 million. By the end of April, CNBC reports that their Q1 revenue grew by 50%, which is already 28% more than 2019’s total contribution. After all, while there’s competition in other communication platforms like Microsoft Teams and Google Suite, Slack has better features, more integrations, and a lot of functions that will help you keep on top of your workload.

Today, we’ll be listing a couple of things that you can do to make the most out of your Slack experience.

Keeping everything organized

If you’re part of a big enterprise, it’s easy for your hub to become disorganized. The good news is that Slack has plenty of options and preferences that can help you with this. For example, if you go to your workplace icon > Preferences > Advanced > Channel List, you can set your sidebar to only display channels with unread messages. Irrelevant channels can be muted by pressing the “!” symbol on the upper left side of a channel and toggling “mute channel” on. Other useful organization features include: making notes, pinning important messages, and searching for keywords.

Bringing some fun into your workspace

One of the biggest disadvantages of a work from home setup is the lack of casual interaction between you and your co-workers. After all, it’s difficult to be “casual” when not physically in the room with your colleagues. Fortunately, one of HP’s list of tips for Slack is the inclusion of “just for fun” integrations, like Giphy and HeyTaco. Giphy allows you to send animated GIFs on different channels, much like social media. You can use them to react or lighten the mood. HeyTaco is more on the gamification aspect. Team leaders can give employees a “taco emoji” for a job well done, and the system tallies their numbers every end of the month. There are several extensions available; choose whatever you think your team will enjoy.

Knowing your slash commands

The Slack message box has a ton of secrets, but our favorite one has to be the slash commands. Indicated by the character “/” plus a trigger word, slash commands can do almost anything from quickly editing your status to sending unique text reactions. Gwinnett Daily Post’s article on power user hacks for Slack has compiled some of the more commonly used ones. For example, “/yesno” and “/polly” can be used to make polls with differing choices. Meanwhile, “/remind @Username” can be used to send a notification to you or a co-worker.

Other neat tricks:

  • One key edit. Quickly edit your last message by pressing the arrow up key on your keyboard when you’re in that particular channel.
  • Highlight words. Aside from your name and @everyone, Slack can send you in-app notifications when a specific word or phrase is mentioned. Go to You > Notifications > My keywords to set them.

Slack is no ordinary messaging platform. As long as you know its secrets, you, too, can use it to the fullest.

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