How to Make a Meme

Memes are any type of media such as image, sound, video clip, GIF, quote or any other format, which is shared repeatedly. As we know that the media could be different, how you make and edit the meme completely depends upon the types of memes. Do you want to create your own new memes with the photo that you have taken? If you want to learn how to make a meme and what are the best meme generator apps, then you have come to the right place. There are lots of memes creator apps that will help users to create memes in a funny manner. Therefore, anyone can create their own meme and most meme creator apps are free of cost available on Google play store. That clearly means that you can create your own memes which are a free, fun way to create funny meme pictures to share it with your friends and family and even the world.

But, before we look into how to make a meme, let us first discuss what actually a meme is, some examples of a meme and what are the best meme creator apps that will help users to create funny memes for their own as:

What is Meme?

You might not guess by the word “MEME” by it actually rhymes with a dream. Once you have got the pronunciation down, then you will very well be on your way to meme mastery. Memes are those funny images or the media clips that we usually see online which tells some story. To create a new meme is straightforward and easy to do, but if you are feeling overwhelmed, then do not panic in that condition. Overall, meme creating should be fun and silliness.

The definition of the meme is rather losing because a meme can even appear as any combination of photos, videos, GIFs, songs, quotes, etc. They are spreading virally over the internet since past 2 or 3 years. Often, memes come in the form of the photo with captioned words. The photo often provides a significant amount of context of the dialogue appearing on the photo; therefore the meme might take no sense unless you are in on the joke.

How to Make a Meme?

There are about millions of meme creator apps on the web that will help to create funny memes. You can even download the best meme generator apps from Google play store and can make the most fun out of it. Let us look at the simple steps that will teach us how to create memes in a more creative and interesting way. To make a meme, you can download your favorite meme maker app for your mobile device, as there are lots of apps available. While the design of each free meme maker app will be quite different, therefore the general process should be the same. To make your own meme follow the basic steps as:

  • Firstly, you can choose any free meme generator app to make a meme that you want to use. Now, open the app store on your mobile device and download the free meme creator app. For eg: we are using Meme generator free.

Meme Generator Free

How to Make a Meme using  Free Meme Generator app?

  1. Open your meme generator app. As we have already mentioned above that if you are using a different app, it will look different, but the general process will be the same for every app.How to Make a Meme
  2. Now, when you will open the meme generator free app, you will see the list of memes:
    1. Here, you can tap the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner, and now you can browse new, popular and random memes.How to Make a Meme
    2. Or, at the top of the list of the memes, you can pull down to reveal a search bar. If you know what a meme is called or generally about, the type in your search bar phase.
      How to Make a Meme
  3. Now, once you have found the meme image that you want to use to make a meme, tap on it. Now, tap the test bars at the top to edit your caption, whatever you would like to do.
  4. Now, you must tap the icons in the upper right corner to further customize your meme image and its caption options.
    How to Make a Meme
  5. When you are satisfied or done with your meme, you can tap on save and share. Save will help you to save the photo to your mobile phone’s gallery. And on the other hand, the share will allow you to share them that you have just created to the social media platforms with the help of email or messages.
    How to Make a Meme
  6. Finally, it’s done!!


Memes are an amazing means to spread culture, entertaining the communities, creating a funny environment and making people laugh loud together. Therefore, you can follow the above-listed steps to create a funny meme with your pictures.