Have you ever thought to play your Youtube videos continuously again & again? Maybe you are playing the music video on your laptop or desktop which is connected to some speakers and you need the same song to repeat over and over and again and again. Or maybe you just wanted to stream the same clip of something ridiculous happening over again and again?

Whatever may be the reason for that, there is no native or in-built methods to play loop YouTube videos on your tablets, android phones, etc. There are a couple of ways by which we can loop videos on YouTube. All thanks to the Youtube which has upgraded their video player to HTML5, so that on most web browsers all you have to do is right click on the video to loop it.

In this article, we have compiled the different ways to loop YouTube videos in your web browser. If you are trying to do this on your mobile phones, then it won’t really work for you from the Youtube app. If you want to replay the video on your mobile phones, then you have to use the web browser and then use one of the web methods that we will be discussing further in this article.

Getting Youtube videos to loop might sound like the basic task, but it is surprisingly quite difficult to do and can leave many viewers as frustrated. While it is safe that most Youtube videos are intended to be watched only once, but there are many videos that actually is worth watching over again and again. Until recently, there are was no native way to set the best Youtube videos on repeat mode. But, now Youtube has given the solution to this problem with the help of numerous methods.

Let us clearly discuss the major 4 methods that will help you to loop videos on YouTube again and again as:

Method -1: Use Native Options

This method is best for loop Youtube videos natively and has always been in the plain sight and somehow ignored it or never bothered to look until recently. Youtube also offers the major loop features in the player itself on the webpage. Let us see how this method works:
Loop Youtube Videos

  • Firstly, fire up Youtube on your computer.
  • Now, play any video which you wish to play in the loop mode.
  • Now, right-click anywhere in the video player.
  • You will see the list of option and loop option will also be right there.
  • Click on the loop option and you are done..!!
  • Now, the video will play infinitely again and again.

This process also works on your smartphones, guess what!! You can activate this feature on your smartphones as well, but it may not only work with each and every browser and device. To play YouTube loop on your smartphones, follow the steps as:

  • Open Chrome on your mobile phones and go to m.youtube.com
  • Now, tap on the three dots on top and select Request desktop website
  • Now, play the video that you wish to play in the loop
  • Long press to get the list of options and tap on the loop option
  • Now, the video will play on the loop on your smartphone also.

Method- 2: Use a Playlist

We all have been using the music on your phone and there was rarely a time when we turn the feature off, Repeat. When we switch to Youtube as your main music source, then you might have seen that “loop” button actually exist. You can use that button to loop multiple videos but that does not mean it will loop each and every video individually but the entire playlist. Let us follow the given below steps for YouTube loop videos on your playlist:

Loop Youtube Videos

  • Firstly, create a new playlist.
  • Add songs to the playlist that you want to listen and want to loop by pressing the + button.
  • Now, when you are done with this, start the playlist and press the repeat button.
  • Your playlist will play on the repeat forever and works on both the desktop as well as mobile phones.

Method- 3: Use Chrome Extension

Looper for youtube

The third party sites are cheaply built, but they get the job done, so you need not to have to compromise on aesthetics just to loop video, there should be a better way. Chrome extension for looping videos works smoothly in keeping the original aesthetics of YouTube and giving you additional loops option available right on the YouTube website. You can even use looper for YouTube chrome extension to loop videos by this method. Let us have a look at the steps on how to loop YouTube videos by using chrome extension as:

  • Firstly, click on the looper for Youtube or search for the looper for Youtube on chrome store.
  • Now, install it on your chrome browser and load your browser
  • Now on every video that you play, you will get the loop options underneath it.
  • Adjust the duration of that particular video that you want to loop
  • And, finally, you are done with it..!!

Method -4: Use third-party websites and apps

There are many websites that have one purpose only to loop YouTube videos and additionally, you get the time slot feature with which you can loop the parts of the videos instead of looping the complete video. Let us discuss the steps that will help you to loop YouTube videos by using third-party apps and websites as:

  • On your computer, find the Youtube that you need to make it on repeat
  • In the URL section, you have to add between the dot and YouTube
  • And, finally hit the Enter button and you are done!!


Hopefully, these methods will allow you to loop your YouTube videos as many times as you want to in a more convenient manner.