How to Improve Sound Quality and Increase the Volume of Android Phones

Few things majorly are more frustrating than trying to listen to your favorite tunes only for them to fail to cut through and of course; there is an irritatingly wide range of potential causes for android mobile phones. Not every mobile phone has a good quality speaker or the volume levels upon the mark. There arise some issues along with the poor speaker placement which can get in the way of you enjoying the sound.

 The major giants like HTC etc know how much people use their mobile phone speaker and are dedicated to getting the best sound possible out of their handsets. However, this may not be the case for every company; there are some mobile phones which are left with great quality speakers which have the lackluster software powering them.

This might create a problem if our devices were just locked down, but all thanks to the level of the customization of android devices and this can just change the built-in equalizer. Most of the mobile manufacturing companies have launched up different types of smartphone as per the needs of the users. These android mobile phones come with the different great features and most of the smartphone users may complain about the speaker and the sound quality or the volume level of the mobile phone. 

These problems are the most crucial one that has been found in one or the other mobile phones. Most of the people may also love to listen to the music on their android devices and many times as you have to increase the level of the volume, but are not able to listen to the music properly.

Now, let us discuss the major reason that will help users to get a brief about how to improve sound quality and increase the volume of android as follows:


Remove the entire cover


There are lots of people who put their android mobile phones on the cover for the protection of their phones. This will affect the sound quality of their mobile phones because most of the case closes the soundhole. There are most of the mobile phone manufacturers companies that are building-specific design for the particular handset. Therefore, you must have to use the cover as per the model of your mobile phone to get a better experience of its sound quality.


Placement of speaker


There are most of the mobile phone manufacturer companies that offer twin speaker grills for providing a better and amazing experience in terms of sound. But there are most of the users who use a plastic cover on the speaker hole that might affect the sound quality and the volume. Therefore, it is advisable to remove the cover to form the speaker holes and go get the proper sound volume. There are also most of the people who put the finger on their speaker hole during attending any phone call this may also lead to poor sound quality. Therefore, you must keep in mind these crucial things thus to increase the volume and improve the sound quality of your android mobile phones.


Use a music app


You might also have the option to increase the volume and improve the sound quality of android devices by simply using any music app. This music app offers different features which help to build the sound quality much better. There are also available lots of music app available on the Google play store just like Music Volume EQ, etc. These will also help users to keep the sound quality of their mobile phone in a better way and thus in case the level of volume.

Use headphone



Most of the mobile phone manufacturers companies may not provide better sound quality except the HTC mobile phones. Due to all this, few music lovers may install any music app in their android mobile phone. Some of the music apps may better provide good quality sound when you plug in the headphones with your mobile phones. Therefore, at the time of listening to music or calling to another person in the lot of rush area, the users must have to use the headphone for better and clear sound. This will not only provide better sound quality but also you will be able to listen to the voice of the other person.


Root your android phone


There are most of the people who know very well after rooting the mobile phone; they will get the administrator rights to control their mobile phones. After rooting the mobile phone, the users may be able to manage the different kinds of apps thus to increase the volume and the sound quality on Android devices.


Hope, after reading this entire article the users must have got the proper solution to increase the volume and to improve the sound quality on android mobile phones.