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As the happy iPhone user, usually people want your device to function as perfectly as it can be possible. Therefore, in some instances, many users may come across the situation where their mobile phones start legging, freezing or may have to get rid of various unwanted data. For this purpose, the users have to resort to resetting their iPhone mobiles. Most of the time, people used to get confused about how to hard reset their iPhone mainly because they have either not this before or may have to move to the newer model which has a different and quite annoying way to perform the reset function. Whatever the problem this makes out, the users must not have to worry about all this because it is not a complex task to get rid of such circumstances. Despite it has been found quite scary, there will be times when there is no need to reset your iPhone mobiles.

There are two types of reset available such as soft reset and the hard reset. In soft reset, this is simple to restart or reboot your mobile phones which are useful for the people when some of the apps are not responding properly. This function is quite important if the user’s mobile phone is not able to get the major functions to work, such as shutting down the mobile phones by pressing and holding the sleep/wake button. Another one is the hard reset which is a lot more drastic and removes all the information on your mobile phones, thus restoring to its factory state. Typically, this is useful if you are planning to sell out your mobile phone or you just need to give your phone a fresh and quick start. Before we start how to hard reset an iPhone mobile, let us first discuss how to soft reset the iPhone mobile that will make you more clear about all this.

Let us now discuss some of the basic steps that will help you understand better how to hard reset an iPhone mobile as follows:

Soft Reset

Method No: 1 (No home button)

With the new iPhone X, XS, XS Max, their the side button when held down longer actually activates the Siri which clearly means that in order to soft reset the iPhone, the user might need to press the volume up or down button, at the same time press the sleep and wake button, hold until the user might have not seen the screen above and then slide to power to phone off. Now, wait a while and then press and hold the sleep-wake button again to turn the iPhone back on.

Method-2 (With physical home button)

In this method, a user needs to act as; just press and hold both the sleep and wake and also Home button simultaneously for at least 10 sec, until you see the Apple logo, this may let go of both buttons after the Apple logo appears. Now, your phone will go through the usual process of starting up again and you will be back in your home screen.

Hard Reset

We have mentioned it above, but it is still worth mentioning about it that a hard reset will completely erase all the content from your mobile phone. Therefore, if you still have any contact, photos or anything that you might want to get as a backup, then you can simply the given below two of the methods as:

Method no -1: (Hard reset directly from my iPhone)

This is one of the most preferred methods, not because it offers the different type of reset, but the user would not get to go through the hassle of connecting your iPhone to their desktop with the help of a cable. For this method follow the steps as go to settings, tap on general, now scroll to the very bottom and tap reset, now tap erase all content and settings, tap on erase iPhone. After this entire process is completed, your iPhone will automatically restart and you will be presented with the slide to set up welcome screen, just like when you might have turned on your iPhone have appeared for the first time.

Method no-2: (hard reset using iTunes on your desktop/notebook)

We would like to suggest you the first method, but if you are more comfortable working with iTunes on desktop, then you can follow these steps as Connect your iPhone to your desktop or your notebook, now launch iTunes, once your iPhone is detected, then you may click on the iPhone button. Under the summary tab, click on the Restore iPhone button. Now you will be prompted to create the backup for your iPhone mobile and if you want to backup all your data, then you may go ahead. Now, finally, click on restore, iTunes will then process to begin restoring the mobile phone to its original factory state. After this entire process is finished, your iPhone will restart and you will be presented with the “slide to set up”, welcome screen, just like when you have seen this screen for the first you have switched on your iPhone mobile.


This was the short guide that might have clearly explained how to hard reset the iPhone mobile and make your phone quite interesting and easy to use.