WhatsApp might have many things, but it fails to give the user the ability to go invisible. While it is easy to log-out and go invisible from other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat to get some time with yourself, it is certainly not an option on WhatsApp. As long as you have WhatsApp on your smartphone, you cannot get rid of it. Sometimes people prefer simply deleting the WhatsApp from their smartphone but uninstalling and reinstalling is not an option when you want to get breaks from WhatsApp for a limited period of time. 

If you consider not opening a particular message or even turning off read receipts or ‘blue ticks’, the sender still gets a hint whether you read a message or not. The reason behind this is the ‘Online’ status that you cannot turn off, no matter what. So how can you avoid everything and go invisible on WhatsApp? Well, we can help you with that by tweaking some of the settings of your Android smartphone without rooting the device. 

Disable WhatsApp Notification Tone By Recording Silence

WhatsApp doesn’t give you the option to select ‘No Ringtone’ option for its messages or calls. But you can disable it by recording a second of silence on your smartphone and setting it as your WhatsApp notification tone. Creating your own silent ringtone just requires an audio recorder. Most of the Android devices have it, but if you don’t, just download one from the Play Store, record 1 or 2 seconds of silence, and save it by the name Silent Ringtone.

Now Open WhatsApp > Settings > Notifications, then select Silent Ringtone as your Notification tone and call tone. 

Disable WhatsApp Notifications

No matter how much you make up your mind for not using the instant messenger, one notification from WhatsApp and you will check it immediately. We suggest you turn all the notifications from WhatsApp off. Go to your Android smartphone’s general Settings > Apps > Open list of Apps > Select WhatsApp > Tap on Notifications and disable each one of them. Disable pop-ups and vibrations too. Now you will never get to know anything, whether a WhatsApp message comes or whether a WhatsApp call arrives until you purposely open WhatsApp.

No Notification Light

Most of the smartphones come with notification lights nowadays as it is a great aid to see if the smartphone is charging or not or whether there’s a notification or not without turning the screen on. However, since you are taking an off from the WhatsApp, we suggest you turn it off for WhatsApp notifications. Simply go to WhatsApp > Settings > Notifications > Light and select ‘none’. After that, also remove the WhatsApp shortcut from home screen. With this, you will never get to know whether there is a message on WhatsApp or not until you open it yourself. 

Turn-Off Your Mobile Internet for WhatsApp

Another way to to get off from WhatsApp is to turn the data off for WhatsApp. For this, you can go to your general Android Settings > Apps > Open the App list > Select WhatsApp > First Click ‘Force Stop’ > then disable ‘Background Data’ under the ‘Data’ option. After that, you can revoke all WhatsApp app permissions. This will virtually ‘kill’ WhatsApp without actually uninstalling it. However, you will start getting messages once you open Whatsapp. So we suggest removing the icons from WhatsApp. 

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