WhatsApp has recently rolled out an update -“whatsapp stickers update” with sticker feature on both iOS and Android platform. While some people are looking to get their own customized stickers, others don’t have got the feature even after updating. People without the stickers are generally from Android and we are here to help most of them. We will also pass down the process of making your own customized stickers on WhatsApp.

How to Get Stickers for WhatsApp

  • First of all, you need to have the latest WhatsApp version (after whatsapp stickers update) for the stickers.update whatsapp
  • In the latest version of the app, click on the smiley on the right side of the text box. Now after the smiley box is open, look at the bottom of the box.
  • There will be three icons, the first one will be the smiley, second will be GIF, and the third will be the Stickers. You can click on it and browse through different stickers available. You can also download more stickers through plus (+) sign available on the right side of the sticker box. 


  • Now, if the app is still now showing the WhatsApp sticker option, you might have to check the version update. If you do not have 2.18.329 or above, then go and download the latest version (whatsapp stickers update) from either Google Play or official WhatsApp website.

  • Do not download the app from anywhere else. It might be a potential threat to your device. You can also download the app from here.

How to Create Your Own Customized Sticker Packs For WhatsApp

You might have noticed your friends using Diwali stickers for wishing you Happy Diwali. While WhatsApp has rolled out 12 sticker packs for users, there is also a way through which people are making their own stickers. Several third-party apps are serving to the purpose of sticker maker for Whatsapp that you can use in your chats.

  • Go to Play Store and search for ‘Sticker maker app for WhatsApp’. Install the app on your smartphone and run it.                                                                                    
  • In the app, tap on ‘Create a new sticker pack’ and enter the name and author of the sticker pack. 
  • After you are done with the description, start with the making process. Your sticker pack will not be available to other members.                      
  • Tap on New List option to get a blank stickers tray. Add sticker pack icon first and then move on to add a new custom sticker through tapping on ‘Next tray.’
  • Tap on the empty tray and the sticker maker app will ask you to upload an image through either Gallery or through clicking one from the Camera app. 
  • After selecting your desired image, upload it and you will be directed to an image editor.
  • Crop the image as per your desired sticker shape using your fingers. Once you are over with adding stickers to the pack, click on Publish Sticker Pack option. 


  • The Sticker Maker app will then ask you to add the pack to WhatsApp. Accept the request and enjoy the new sticker pack in your WhatsApp. 


Notably, customized stickers can only be added in the Android smartphones. Also, you can only add a maximum of 30 stickers in a sticker pack.

To Know more about sticker maker for whatsapp, Watch this video